Simple Backup Suite for desktop use (core functionality)
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Simple Backup Suite comprises of backend backup script and GNOME GUI frontends that provide a simple yet powerful backup solution for common desktop users.

Backups can be written to local directories or remote servers using GIO/GVFS technology. A fine control is possible regarding what folders and files to backup. Files can be excluded even with a set of regular expressions. Regular backups can be scheduled.

This package contains the minimum set of files to create backups from the commandline. It uses GIO/GVFS for access of remote backup destinations.
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elligator 3 years ago

Not working on LM 18.1 64-bit

dlanderson 3 years ago

Does what I need. Running Mint 18 Cinnamon 64. Needed to install sbackup-gtk to get GUI and icon in / Menu / Administration

TomM4370 3 years ago

Not working on Mint 18

ismaels 4 years ago

not workin on mint 17.2

PJO2 4 years ago

Doesn't work. Not added visibly to installed software with Mint 17.2

Mike_84830 4 years ago

Also applies sbackup-gtk. Installed on Mint 17.2 Cinnamon. Manual backup does not run, and the status indicator does not appear. Note on the non-admin. version that the default directory to backup is /home/user/. But the default destination is /home/user/.local/share/sbackup/backups. You need to change the default destination to avoid making backups of your backups.

jFrog 4 years ago

Installed with Mint 17.1 Software Manager, could not find in list of apps and could not run form command-line. Removed.

sunyata 5 years ago

Best personal backup ever! Plain simple, easy, and efficient

JAMES_CORKINS 5 years ago

Could not locate in mint16 mate after download

andraexs 7 years ago

better than mint backup.. mint backup too slow

nickoff 7 years ago

does not work with samba shares as a target

ulysses 7 years ago


blueXrider 8 years ago

it' s ok

bst2 8 years ago


kip- 8 years ago

this is better backup tool then dejadup! its very fast.. i dont missing encryption of my backups as i encrypt archives befor i upload them with this beautiful tool... it does have automatic backups as well and si simple even for my nontech person

murmelbaer 9 years ago

I restored the backup of my old files with sbackup (Simple backupsuite for desktopuse): 1. Old system: Linux Mint 9 Gnome; Backup with the Part >Simple Backup Config< of the sbackup-Suite. 2. Cleared the partitions 3. Installed new system 4. New system: Linux Mint 9 XFCE; Restore with the Part >simple Backup Restore => it worked very well!

coronero 9 years ago

not exactly what i was looking for

AlkoLoiK 9 years ago

Very fast and indeed, quite simple. But il lacks some options to be perfect.

frodus 9 years ago

Perfect tool for backup by using SSH :)

rothgar 9 years ago

Dead simple, small install, and more features than mintBackup.