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Simple Backup Suite for desktop use (core functionality)
25 reviews

Simple Backup Suite comprises of backend backup script and GNOME GUI frontends that provide a simple yet powerful backup solution for common desktop users.

Backups can be written to local directories or remote servers using GIO/GVFS technology. A fine control is possible regarding what folders and files to backup. Files can be excluded even with a set of regular expressions. Regular backups can be scheduled.

This package contains the minimum set of files to create backups from the commandline. It uses GIO/GVFS for access of remote backup destinations.

User reviews:

2 years ago
1 Not working on LM 18.1 64-bit

2 years ago
4 Does what I need. Running Mint 18 Cinnamon 64. Needed to install sbackup-gtk to get GUI and icon in / Menu / Administration

2 years ago
1 Not working on Mint 18

3 years ago
2 not workin on mint 17.2

3 years ago
2 Doesn't work. Not added visibly to installed software with Mint 17.2

3 years ago
2 Also applies sbackup-gtk. Installed on Mint 17.2 Cinnamon. Manual backup does not run, and the status indicator does not appear. Note on the non-admin. version that the default directory to backup is /home/user/. But the default destination is /home/user/.local/share/sbackup/backups. You need to change the default destination to avoid making backups of your backups.

3 years ago
2 Installed with Mint 17.1 Software Manager, could not find in list of apps and could not run form command-line. Removed.

4 years ago
5 Best personal backup ever! Plain simple, easy, and efficient

5 years ago
2 Could not locate in mint16 mate after download

6 years ago
5 better than mint backup.. mint backup too slow

6 years ago
1 does not work with samba shares as a target

6 years ago
4 Sufficient.

7 years ago
4 it' s ok

7 years ago
5 Essential

8 years ago
5 this is better backup tool then dejadup! its very fast.. i dont missing encryption of my backups as i encrypt archives befor i upload them with this beautiful tool... it does have automatic backups as well and si simple even for my nontech person

8 years ago
4 I restored the backup of my old files with sbackup (Simple backupsuite for desktopuse): 1. Old system: Linux Mint 9 Gnome; Backup with the Part >Simple Backup Config< of the sbackup-Suite. 2. Cleared the partitions 3. Installed new system 4. New system: Linux Mint 9 XFCE; Restore with the Part >simple Backup Restore => it worked very well!

8 years ago
3 not exactly what i was looking for

8 years ago
4 Very fast and indeed, quite simple. But il lacks some options to be perfect.

8 years ago
5 Perfect tool for backup by using SSH :)

8 years ago
5 Dead simple, small install, and more features than mintBackup.

8 years ago
2 Indeed, does not work (Isadora Gnome x64). Installed it from the package manager and made configurations. Pressing the Backup Now! button creates another process and then it just sits there. Closing the GUI makes the created process vanish too.

8 years ago
1 Unfortunately does not work in latest version of Mint. Apparently a patch is available but I found Back In Time to be an excellent alternative

8 years ago
5 Merveilleux

8 years ago
4 Nice backup solution. Imho currently better than MintBackup. Only annoying problem: If my external drive is not mounted it creates backups locally and pollutes my local hard drive instead of failing silently.

9 years ago
4 a simple backup application, backups what and when you wont