Common Lisp compiler and development system
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SBCL is a development environment for the ANSI Common Lisp language. It provides a native-code compiler and an integrated debugger, as well as all the features in the ANSI specification.

SBCL also contains other extensions to the ANSI specification, including a foreign-function interface, a pseudo-server API, user-extensible stream functionality, a Meta-Object Protocol, and an ability to run external processes.

To browse SBCL source definitions with development environments, install the sbcl-source package. For documentation on SBCL's usage and internals, the package sbcl-doc is provided.
Latest reviews
andershorn 4 years ago

Wonderful Common Lisp implementation

mysoomro 10 years ago

Installed it and used it through terminal.. But didn't understand how to use it. So I installed clisp and ran it.. that's working wonderful.. There maybe is some problem in my understanding of this package..

_deepfire 10 years ago

SBCL is like GCC of the Lisp world.

agsom 11 years ago

One of the best Common Lisp implementations.