Scala programming language
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Scala is a Java-compatible programming language with many modern language features. It is Java-compatible in that Scala and Java classes can directly reference each other and subclass each other with no glue code needed. It includes modern language features such as closures, pattern-matching, parametric types, and virtual type members.

This package includes the various tools used to develop code written in Scala. It includes a compiler (scalac), an interpreter and script runner (scala), the offline compiler (fsc), and source-scanning documentation generator (scaladoc).
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stevendobay 6 years ago

My favorite language! But it would be great if somebody would update it because 2.9.2 is a really old version...

zeroows 7 years ago

Scala is Awesome!!!

JohanSJA 8 years ago

A great programming language still in making.

MaxJ 8 years ago

Great language indeed! Syntax looks weird at first, but it's still a big improvement and much more concise than Java.

bblonski 9 years ago

Combines the best elements of both typed and dynamic languages, as well as functional and procedural languages. A big step up from plain java and has roughly equivalent performance. Can be a little esoteric sometimes. Definitely worth learning if your a java developer.

wishmaster77 10 years ago

This review is for both Linux Mint & Scala, for Linux Mint to include such good programming languages like Scala. To Scala because it is a really good programming language. I recommend anyone to try it.

intracer 10 years ago

Scala is a great programming language!