Screencast tool to display your keystrokes
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Screenkey is a screencast tool to display your keys inspired by Screenflick for Mac OS and based initially on key-mon project.

It’s useful to create screencasts and is also a powerful teaching tool.
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Kolchev 3 years ago

Отличное приложение! Правда не сразу понял, что в запущенном состоянии его можно найти в нижней панели. Удобные настройки. Спасибо разработчикам!

2pixels 4 years ago

good software. I also cannot access preferences. pressing space bar should write something like "space bar" not empty string

carlosmtnz 7 years ago

Podría ser una buena aplicación, pero se cuelga cada vez que intento acceder a sus preferencias. This could be a useful app, but it crashes everytime I try to access its preferences.

mhchagas 8 years ago

Very good tool, icon on toolbar not always behaves as it should