System to shut down clients at night, and wake them in the morning
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With this tool you can schedule regular shutdowns of workstations in the evening, and also wake them up every morning, using either nvram-wakeup, ACPI wakeup or wake-on-lan.

For the wake-on-lan wake-up sequence you need one awake machine on your local network / subnet. This can be a server machine or a client machine that got just previously woken up by nvram-wakeup.

The shutdown sequence will be initiated hourly after 4pm via a CRON job. However, only machines that appear inactive / unused will be shut down. Machines that are currently in use will remain up and running.

The Shutdown-at-Night tool can be activated via a config file or via membership in a NIS netgroup called shutdown-at-night-hosts.
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blueXrider 12 years ago

quite nice