Performance testing tool for the SIP protocol
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Sip-tester is a test tool and traffic generator for the SIP protocol. It can be used to test SIP equipment like SIP proxies, SIP media servers, etc. and to emulate user agents calling a SIP system.

Its features are: * a few basic SipStone user agent scenarios included * custom XML scenario files even for complex call flows * comprehensive set of real-time statistics * TCP and UDP transport * dynamically adjustable call rates - send RTP traffic

This software is distributed as SIPp by its authors.

SIP is the Session Initiation Protocol, a standard signalling protocol for initiating, modifying, and terminating Internet conferencing, telephony (VoIP - Voice over IP), video, and instant messaging.

This package has been built for distributed pauses with the GNU Scientific Libraries and without openssl due licenses incompatibilities, so authentication is not supported.
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