image scanner based on the KSane backend
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Skanlite is a small and simple scanner application which allows easy scanning of images with an attached scanner. Through the KSane backend, it can access a wide variety of different scanner models.
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Mikro98 2 years ago

Easy to use scanner, i can put multiple images on my printer/scanner combo, and preview scan. it detects every image and i can scan them individually, and save them. the only thing missing is a feature that saves without manually clicking save

atamax 8 years ago

My scanner is Agfa Snapscan 1212u and it should be supported fine with Sane. Your SW inform that Sorry - Skanlite : Opening the selected scanner failed. I have Mint 16 Xfce, should this work in my environment?

TQuaker 9 years ago

Found it works well with a Pixma 495, beats scanlite!