personal finance manager for KDE
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Skrooge allows you to manage your personal finances. It is intended to be used by individuals who want to keep track of their incomes, expenses and investments. Its philosophy is to stay simple and intuitive.

Here is the list of Skrooge main features:
* QIF, CSV, KMyMoney, Skrooge, import/export
* OFX, QFX, GnuCash, Grisbi, HomeBank import
* Advanced Graphical Reports
* Several tabs to help you organize your work
* Infinite undo/redo
* Instant filtering on operations and reports
* Infinite categories levels
* Mass update of operations
* Scheduled operations
* Track refund of your expenses
* Automatically process operations based on search conditions
* Multi currencies
* Dashboard
Latest reviews
Atomic-28 3 months ago

Efficace et vraiment excellent...J'utilise la V2.10.3..le module Bourse n'est pas très clair selon moi.

ssliackus 2 years ago

Very good tool, can compete (and in most cases win) with paid software. Especially thanks for multiple selection, bulk edition, import capabilities, great job, guys!! As someone said - undiscovered gem!

rhall 3 years ago

Allowed me to abandon M$ and Quicken yearly $ renewals. Single-entry easier for home accounting than dbl-entry GnuCash. Download bank transactions to HDD, then import into Skrooge=more secure. Auto-process payees and categories makes it easy & quick. Learning curve, but Vimeo tutorial videos very helpful. Been using it for years. An undiscovered gem!

selenir 6 years ago

Good, fully featured. However, not always intuitive. Some sections have good help while others are not well documented.

stevethomson5 6 years ago

Tried all of the financial programs this one fits the bill for good home accounting.

blueXrider 8 years ago

quite nice