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Skype keeps you together. Call, message and share with others.
* It's free to download and join.
* Call, instant message and send photos and documents to anyone else on Skype.
* Easily text message anywhere in the world.
* Get your friends together on a group call.
And that's just the start...
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superman 3 days ago

Excellent!! But there is an optical issue with the taskbar icon. It is distorted(not clear looking) as the others mentioned.

Emax 2 months ago

The background effect that were available in Windows OS are not available on Linux Mint. Only Blur is available . dont know what to do about it or how to update it properly

madmax95 1 year ago

Works like a charm!

sergalexandr 1 year ago

skype needs to be updated, how to do it?

TheLinuxKid 1 year ago

We need more Microsoft apps on Linux!

tsfurlan 2 years ago

the size of the taskbar icon has been distorted in version 8.45

EddySRB 2 years ago

Look at that ram usage

rawaniajay 2 years ago

Cool ! It's not opensource but its work fine.

leolimajc 2 years ago

Aplicativo essencial para quem utiliza video conferencia. O cliente Linux não deixa NADA a dever para outros SO's. Muito bonito e funcional e perfeito no Mint 19.

rmwiseman 2 years ago

Skype is fine, but this version kept reloading the page and then crashing for me! The Flatpak version worked fine so I'm using that.

Give_Trees_A_Chance 2 years ago

Skype on Linux really has no right to take up the kind of space that it does. It's a shame to see Microsoft not care about Linux or their own software.

MrCrazyBolt5150 2 years ago

What even happened to you, Microsoft? You took something that was big back then and you made it bad. Let's just hope you don't try to buy out Discord.

FinixFighter 2 years ago

It works perfectly on Linux Mint

zabavaua 2 years ago

Tried to call today with a skype app, but turns out that it requires the configuration change to allow microphone usage, that does not exist at all, and automatically ends the call. Screen sharing does not work too with or without a call.

simonsaysthis 2 years ago

Works great in Ubuntu. Not sure what the negative reviews are for. This is a free program!

userremi 2 years ago

Microsoft Skype clearly tries to discredit Linux, not working on a functional version. A pity and a shame.

surjitsippy 2 years ago

Only one phone number added to Skype and saved nowhere and i found that number as suggestion on contacts update in Amazon login. Thats a serious breach of privacy. Skype is of MS and MS is a S##T Spy and sells/shares our private data to others. I just uninstalling Skype. I want my personal and private life safe and peaceful.

rdlf4 3 years ago

The legacy edition performed better IMO. But people got it right this time, Skype doesn't do it anymore. Chances are you're better off with Discord, which receives updates every so often. The ONLY reason I can think of in order to justify installing Skype nowadays is because it's the only app that lets you send SMS. Screen sharing no longer works. Hell it isn't even an option anymore. Anyways, VNC Viewer does a much better job than Skype, so there's that.

Winnie 3 years ago

Recently Microsoft updated their Skype platform (on everything but Linux). This has caused Linux Skype users to not be able to place calls or use the service in general. With Skype (Microsoft) dumping Linux users, you might also want to return the favor.

harlantk 3 years ago

Webcam video is broken, there seems to be no interest from MS to resolve the issue. ONLY Skype has issues with the webcam so is not a hardware issue. Time to move on and use Discord