Collect the boxes and don't become mad
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Solarwolf is an action/arcade game written entirely in Python, featuring amazing graphics and cool music. It is originally based on the SolarFox game on the Atari 2600.

All this, yet the best feature of all is; it is a hecka lotta fun! The point of the game is to scramble through 60 levels of patterns, collecting all the boxes. The part that makes it tricky is avoiding the relentless hailstorm of fire coming at you from all directions.
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Ephata 4 years ago

Un jeu super cool, très adictif! Les graphismes anciens donnent un côté arcade à ce jeu, qui fait tout son charme. Les musiques rendent bien aussi. À la fin, on a le sentiment que le jeu est court (60 niveaux à parcourir).

Therone 9 years ago

Reflex and rapidity are the words for this game, it's really good !

betu 10 years ago

good game, original idea

Boringbytes 12 years ago

You pilot a high-speed prototype space ship, Your mission? Retrieve power ups, shields,and other goodies without getting blown away by the numerous Guard ships and other hazards. . . Will you survive? I don't normally like fast paced action arcade style games, but this one is Fun, and addictive. I wish you got more ships! I play it, I like it, I think you will too. Good graphics, simple controls, challenging and enjoyable.