Documentation for speakup kernel modules
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Speakup allows you to interact with applications and the gnu/linux operating system with audible feedback from the console using a synthetic speech device.

speakup allows you to navigate around the screen using the typical screen review functions such as say word, say line, announce cursor position, which console your currently on, and much, much more. it also allows one to load in configuration parameters for controlling various aspects of the synthesizer you are using, as well as speakup itself.

currently, the following synthesizers are supported by speakup:
* doubletalk pc/lt
* litetalk
* accent pc/sa
* speakout
* artic transport
* audapter
* braille 'n speak / type 'n speak
* dectalk external and express
* the apollo2
this package provides the documentation for the speakup kernel modules.
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quite nice