Modern full-3D RTS game engine
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Spring is a modern full-3D RTS (Real Time Strategy) game engine originally created to bring the gameplay experience of Total Annihilation into 3D. Games are played using one of a number of mods.

This package just includes the game engine and the default AI, with no maps, mods or rich user interface.
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Hatlabu_Farkas 3 years ago

túl régi, már régen frissiteni kellett volna a verziót, igy most használhatatlan, és a verzió frissités is lehetetlen .

Ultrak1ll 9 years ago

Great game. I love it, the downside is that currently a bug in linux ATI fglrx driver causes half the screen go pink or cyan if you hover over a object.

shinobi 9 years ago

Do you want crappy graphics from the 90-s revamped as 3D? Are you thrilled by having to switch to a console to kill the damn thing? It's the 21-st century people, we have standards for RTS interfaces...

Squirrel 10 years ago

Do you want epic battles? Do you want breathtakingly gigantic scenes of glorious destruction and heart-pounding action? The graphics on this game are amazing, especially given the infinite scalability. Giant battles? Why, Yes! Why fight a war with subtlety when you can send a WALL OF PLANES at your enemy? Or a gigantic artillery that sprays plasma bolts all the way across the map?