Single/multiplayer lobby for the Spring RTS engine
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This package provides a single-player and multiplayer lobby for Spring. Other features include a P2P system for downloading maps and mods and a built-in IRC-like chat client.
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Hatlabu_Farkas 3 years ago

mmár régen kinn van az új verzió, és a régiről LEHETETLEN frissiteni, direkt túl van bonyolitva. határozottan NEM minőségi munka. senkinek sem jutott eszébe egy kezelhető verzió-frissitő megvalósitása ?

bart9h 8 years ago

Great clone of the best FTS game ever.

fcole90 9 years ago

Next generation game!

Squirrel 10 years ago

Do you want epic battles? Do you want breathtakingly gigantic scenes of glorious destruction and heart-pounding action? The graphics on this game are amazing, especially given the infinite scalability. Giant battles? Why, Yes! Why fight a war with subtlety when you can send a WALL OF PLANES at your enemy? Or a gigantic artillery that sprays plasma bolts all the way across the map?

addegsson 10 years ago

Great game!

ReaKtionary 10 years ago

Awesome that it's included in Testing. Very addictive.