converter from source program files to TeX format files
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Src2tex [resp. src2latex] is a sort of text converter from BASIC, C, C++, OBJECTIVE-C, COBOL, FORTRAN, HTML, JAVA, LISP, MAKE, PASCAL, PERL, SCHEME, SHELL, TCL/TK and ASIR, MACSYMA, MAPLE, MATHEMATICA, MATLAB, MAXIMA, MuPAD, OCTAVE, REDUCE to TeX [resp. LaTeX]. However, it is not a simple pretty-printer; actually, it is designed to fulfill the following desires:

(1) We want to write mathematical formulae in comment area of source program. (2) We would like to patch PS or EPS figures upon source program. (3) We need a simple and easy-to-use tool which enables to combine documentation and manual with source program. (4) We often have to translate our program from text format to TeX format when we want to quote our own program in research report, lecture note, etc. That is quite time consuming, so it should be automated.
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