Sticky Notes app
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This package contains the Sticky Notes app, which allows the quick creation of notes through an xapp status icon.
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Mork 1 month ago

No show-stopping issues with version 1.17 but could be better. It takes a bit of effort to only show ONE note if you have a Group with multiple notes. You must hide all notes via left-click Notes icon on Notification panel, activate Notes Manager via context menu then double click on the one you want from Notes Manager. Minimizing notes require cycling through all notes within that group. Workaround is to have one note per group.

juan-lutz 1 year ago

I started using it today and the performance and stability seem to be fine. Except for some cosmetic issues (the Plank icon is always there), I am very happy with the application.

MagentaPuppy 1 year ago

This is a horrible app, you can't hide individual notes, the memory usage is abysmal (and if you swap between catagories it will keep rising). Gnote is so much better. this is well below the usual standard for default applications.

berniewalp 1 year ago

Stopped working after this week's operating-system up-grade. A number of stickies appear for an instant and then disappear.

openletter 1 year ago

Minimal keyboard shortcuts means navigation is nearly 100% mouse.

bgergely 1 year ago

Instantly crashes on Linux Mint, I was absolutely unable to use it for over half a year since I first installed.

BigJonMCMLXX 2 years ago

Dont like this at all. The post-it doesnt stay on the desktop, and everytime i want to see my list some huge window opens (that refuses to remember placement, size, etc). its not normal - you have to click on "group" to edit the note. No thanks - just too many non standard behaviours, not enough useful behaviours.