Create stop-motion animations
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Create stop-motion animations with images grabbed from a video device, or from image files, or from still images extracted from video. Stopmotion has a set of tools which helps you keep the movements smooth and precise, such as ghosting the last image on a live view of the next image to be acquired.
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hanri 2 months ago

After installation you need to install mencoder too. Adjust setting from the example (add space). Specify full filename including filetype .mp4. Then it does the job very well. The second time you need to clear the frames in /home/.stopmotion to be able to reuse the application. (Mint 19.3)

ThumbOne 2 years ago

Used it once and loved it. On Mint 18.3 now won't run, just dumps with segmentation fault.

sinihisi 5 years ago

another tool..... ffmpeg it's same

enoW 9 years ago

i love it, but still learn