small ANSI C compiler
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TCC (for Tiny C Compiler) is a small and fast ANSI C compiler. It generates optimized x86 code, and can compile, assemble, and link several times faster than 'gcc -O0'. Any C dynamic library can be used directly. It includes an optional memory and bounds checker, and bounds-checked code can be mixed freely with standard code. C script is also supported via the usual hash-bang mechanism.

NOTE: TCC is still somewhat experimental and is not recommended for production use. The code it generates is much less optimized than what GCC produces, and compiler bugs can have serious security consequences for your program.
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kobi7 1 year ago

it is a very fast compiler with low memory footprint, likely the best for quick iterations.

kirunOrVumsiBukusum 7 years ago

i had used it on windows 7; very handy, because its size is very small n did all my programming tasks just fine!

jadacez 9 years ago

Very powerful and compact c compiler.