Cross-platform gui toolkit - tcl/tk
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Like many other gui toolkits, it provides low-level core widgets like buttons, entries, scales, menus, combo-boxes, thumbwheels, spin-boxes, trees, notebooks and multi-column lists to name a few. unlike many of those toolkits though, it also provides advanced composite widgets like toolbars, tooltips, progress gauges, split-frames, splash-screens, 2d/3d extents, color pickers, histograms, windows and dialogs.

more importantly, kwwidgets builds upon this set of widgets to interface to visualization libraries like vtk and offer high-level visualization-oriented widgets like surface material editors, simple animation generators, transfer function editors, annotation editors, window/level and volume property preset editors, text property editors, 2d and 3d rendering widgets, etc.

this package contains tcl/tk support for kwwidgets.
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blueXrider 12 years ago

quite nice