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Teem is a coordinated group of libraries for representing, processing, and visualizing scientific raster data. teem includes command-line tools that permit the library functions to be quickly applied to files and streams, without having to write any code. the most important and useful libraries in teem are:

* nrrd (and the unu command-line tool on top of it) supports a range of
operations for transforming n-dimensional raster data (resample, crop,
slice, project, histogram, etc.), as well as the nrrd file format for
storing arrays and their meta-information.
* gage: fast convolution-based measurements at arbitrary point locations in
volume datasets (scalar, vector, tensor, etc.)
* mite: a multi-threaded ray-casting volume render with transfer functions
based on any quantity gage can measure
* ten: for estimating, processing, and visualizing diffusion tensor fields,
including fiber tractography methods.
this package provides the documentation files.
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