graphical teletext viewer
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TeleGNOME is a program to display teletext pages over the internet. As of this moment, the teletext feeds from the Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Turkey, Armenia, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom are known to work.

The program is kept quite simple, but it is very useful, hopefully. Never load up that large slow web browser to view the teletext pages, just use this nifty little piece of software.
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bertussie 9 years ago

This could be a great application if it worked. My day of test was 11-jan-2014 And I suspect that somewhere in 2013 teletext has changed his layout and telegnome by version of 0.1.1 has not adapted to this change. Same is true for another teletext browser called TTB.

blueXrider 11 years ago

quite nice