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Support for languages not otherwise listed, including Indic, Thai, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Indonesian, African languages, and plenty more. The split is made simply on the basis of the size of the support, to keep both collection sizes and the number of collections reasonable.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

aalok -- LaTeX class file for the Marathi journal 'Aalok'

akshar -- Support for syllables in the Devanagari script

amsldoc-vn -- Vietnamese translation of AMSLaTeX documentation

aramaic-serto -- Fonts and LaTeX for Syriac written in Serto

babel-azerbaijani -- Support for Azerbaijani within babel

babel-esperanto -- Babel support for Esperanto

babel-georgian -- Babel support for Georgian

babel-hebrew -- Babel support for Hebrew

babel-indonesian -- Support for Indonesian within babel

babel-interlingua -- Babel support for Interlingua

babel-malay -- Support for Malay within babel

babel-sorbian -- Babel support for Upper and Lower Sorbian

babel-thai -- Support for Thai within babel

babel-vietnamese -- Babel support for typesetting Vietnamese

bangla -- A comprehensive Bangla LaTeX package

bangtex -- Writing Bangla and Assamese with LaTeX

bengali -- Support for the Bengali language

burmese -- Basic Support for Writing Burmese

chhaya -- Linguistic glossing in Marathi language

cjhebrew -- Typeset Hebrew with LaTeX

ctib -- Tibetan for TeX and LaTeX2e

ethiop -- LaTeX macros and fonts for typesetting Amharic

ethiop-t1 -- Type 1 versions of Amharic fonts

fc -- Fonts for African languages

fonts-tlwg -- Thai fonts for LaTeX from TLWG

hindawi-latex-template -- A LaTeX template for authors of the Hindawi journals

hyphen-afrikaans -- Afrikaans hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-armenian -- Armenian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-coptic -- Coptic hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-esperanto -- Esperanto hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-ethiopic -- Hyphenation patterns for Ethiopic scripts.

hyphen-georgian -- Georgian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-indic -- Indic hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-indonesian -- Indonesian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-interlingua -- Interlingua hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-sanskrit -- Sanskrit hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-thai -- Thai hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-turkmen -- Turkmen hyphenation patterns.

latex-mr -- A practical guide to LaTeX and Polyglossia for Marathi and other Indian languages

latexbangla -- Enhanced LaTeX integration for Bangla

latino-sine-flexione -- LaTeX support for documents written in Peano's Interlingua

lshort-thai -- Introduction to LaTeX in Thai

lshort-vietnamese -- Vietnamese version of the LaTeX introduction

marathi -- Typeset Marathi language using XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX

ntheorem-vn -- Vietnamese translation of documentation of ntheorem

padauk -- A high-quality TrueType font that supports the many diverse languages that use the Myanmar script

quran-bn -- Bengali translations to the quran package

quran-ur -- Urdu translations to the quran package

sanskrit -- Sanskrit support

sanskrit-t1 -- Type 1 version of 'skt' fonts for Sanskrit

thaienum -- Thai labels in enumerate environments

thaispec -- Thai Language Typesetting in XeLaTeX

unicode-alphabets -- Macros for using characters from Unicode's Private Use Area

velthuis -- Typeset Devanagari

vntex -- Support for Vietnamese

wnri -- Ridgeway's fonts

wnri-latex -- LaTeX support for wnri fonts

xetex-devanagari -- XeTeX input map for Unicode Devanagari
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