TeX Live: Polish
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Support for Polish.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

babel-polish -- Babel support for Polish

bredzenie -- A Polish version of "lorem ipsum..." in the form of a LaTeX package

cc-pl -- Polish extension of Computer Concrete fonts

gustlib -- plain macros for much core and extra functionality, from GUST

gustprog -- utility programs for Polish users of TeX

hyphen-polish -- Polish hyphenation patterns.

lshort-polish -- Introduction to LaTeX in Polish

mex -- Polish formats for TeX

mwcls -- Polish-oriented document classes

pl -- Polish extension of Computer Modern fonts

polski -- Typeset Polish documents with LaTeX and Polish fonts

przechlewski-book -- Examples from Przechlewski's LaTeX book

qpxqtx -- Polish macros and fonts supporting Pagella/pxfonts and Termes/txfonts

tap -- TeX macros for typesetting complex tables

tex-virtual-academy-pl -- TeX usage web pages, in Polish

texlive-pl -- TeX Live manual (Polish)

utf8mex -- Tools to produce formats that read Polish language input
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blueXrider 12 years ago

quite nice