TeX Live: LaTeX fundamental packages
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These packages are either mandated by the core LaTeX team, or very widely used and strongly recommended in practice.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

ae -- Virtual fonts for T1 encoded CMR-fonts

amscls -- AMS document classes for LaTeX

amsmath -- AMS mathematical facilities for LaTeX

atbegshi -- Execute stuff at \shipout time

atveryend -- Hooks at the very end of a document

auxhook -- Hooks for auxiliary files

babel -- Multilingual support for Plain TeX or LaTeX

babel-english -- Babel support for English

babelbib -- Multilingual bibliographies

bigintcalc -- Integer calculations on very large numbers

bookmark -- A new bookmark (outline) organization for hyperref

carlisle -- David Carlisle's small packages

colortbl -- Add colour to LaTeX tables

epstopdf-pkg -- Call epstopdf "on the fly"

etexcmds -- Avoid name clashes with e-TeX commands

fancyhdr -- Extensive control of page headers and footers in LaTeX2e

fix2col -- Fix miscellaneous two column mode features

geometry -- Flexible and complete interface to document dimensions

gettitlestring -- Clean up title references

graphics -- The LaTeX standard graphics bundle

graphics-cfg -- Sample configuration files for LaTeX color and graphics

grfext -- Manipulate the graphics package's list of extensions

hycolor -- Implements colour for packages hyperref and bookmark

hyperref -- Extensive support for hypertext in LaTeX

intcalc -- Expandable arithmetic operations with integers

kvdefinekeys -- Define keys for use in the kvsetkeys package

kvoptions -- Key value format for package options

kvsetkeys -- Key value parser with default handler support

l3backend -- LaTeX3 backend drivers

l3kernel -- LaTeX3 programming conventions

latex -- A TeX macro package that defines LaTeX

latex-bin -- LaTeX executables and man pages

latex-fonts -- A collection of fonts used in LaTeX distributions

latexconfig -- configuration files for LaTeX-related formats

ltxcmds -- Some LaTeX kernel commands for general use

ltxmisc -- Miscellaneous LaTeX packages, etc

mfnfss -- Packages to typeset oldgerman and pandora fonts in LaTeX

mptopdf -- mpost to PDF, native MetaPost graphics inclusion

natbib -- Flexible bibliography support

oberdiek -- A bundle of packages submitted by Heiko Oberdiek

pslatex -- Use PostScript fonts by default

psnfss -- Font support for common PostScript fonts

pspicture -- PostScript picture support

refcount -- Counter operations with label references

rerunfilecheck -- Checksum based rerun checks on auxiliary files

tools -- The LaTeX standard tools bundle

uniquecounter -- Provides unlimited unique counter

url -- Verbatim with URL-sensitive line breaks
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jahid_0903014 7 years ago

very useful

jmagnin 8 years ago

Un excellent outil pour la rédaction de documents de toute sorte. À recommander

239562-93562-9386 9 years ago

Years out of date. Better to get the latest direct from the source.

francheu 9 years ago

très bonne distribution

piday 9 years ago

Love latex, only complaint is it should be updated

malvi 9 years ago

A must-have, expecially if you are a scientist.

ulysses 9 years ago

Very good extensions.

terces 9 years ago

Much needed for document creation.

larlequin 10 years ago

Very good system to create documents and articles. A must-have in research!

chi_julia 10 years ago

LaTeX is a must-have if you do any sort of scientific or mathematical writing. Even if you don't, it's a beautiful way to typeset documents, and I would recommend it to any writer who's serious about the output quality of their work.

NicolasRobidoux 11 years ago

Prepare documents by programming!

jmac 11 years ago

basic latex installation