TeX Live: LaTeX additional packages
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A very large collection of add-on packages for LaTeX.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

2up -- Macros to print two-up

a0poster -- Support for designing posters on large paper

a4wide -- "Wide" a4 layout

a5comb -- Support for a5 paper sizes

abraces -- Asymmetric over-/underbraces in maths

abstract -- Control the typesetting of the abstract environment

accessibility -- Create tagged and structured PDF files

accsupp -- Better accessibility support for PDF files

achemso -- Support for American Chemical Society journal submissions

acro -- Typeset acronyms

acronym -- Expand acronyms at least once

acroterm -- Manage and index acronyms and terms

actuarialangle -- Angle symbol denoting a duration in actuarial and financial notation

actuarialsymbol -- Actuarial symbols of life contingencies and financial mathematics

addfont -- Easier use of fonts without LaTeX support

addlines -- A user-friendly wrapper around \enlargethispage

adjmulticol -- Adjusting margins for multicolumn and single column output

adjustbox -- Graphics package-alike macros for "general" boxes

adrconv -- BibTeX styles to implement an address database

advdate -- Print a date relative to "today"

akktex -- A collection of packages and classes

akletter -- Comprehensive letter support

alertmessage -- Alert messages for LaTeX

alnumsec -- Alphanumeric section numbering

alphalph -- Convert numbers to letters

alterqcm -- Multiple choice questionnaires in two column tables

altfont -- Alternative font handling in LaTeX

altsubsup -- Subscripts and superscripts with square brackets

amsaddr -- Alter the position of affiliations in amsart

animate -- Create PDF and SVG animations from graphics files and inline graphics

anonchap -- Make chapters be typeset like sections

answers -- Setting questions (or exercises) and answers

anyfontsize -- Select any font size in LaTeX

appendix -- Extra control of appendices

appendixnumberbeamer -- Manage frame numbering in appendixes in beamer

apptools -- Tools for customising appendices

arabicfront -- Frontmatter with arabic page numbers

arcs -- Draw arcs over and under text

arraycols -- New column types for array and tabular environments

arrayjobx -- Array data structures for (La)TeX

arraysort -- Sort arrays (or portions of them)

arydshln -- Draw dash-lines in array/tabular

asciilist -- Environments AsciiList and AsciiDocList for prototyping nested lists in LaTeX

askinclude -- Interactive use of \includeonly

assignment -- A class file for typesetting homework and lab assignments

assoccnt -- Associate counters, making them step when a master steps

association-matrix -- LaTeX support for creating association matrices

atenddvi -- Provides the \AtEndDvi command

attachfile -- Attach arbitrary files to a PDF document

aurl -- Extends the hyperref package with a mechanism for hyperlinked URLs abbreviated with prefixes

authoraftertitle -- Make author, etc., available after \maketitle

authorarchive -- Adds self-archiving information to scientific papers

authorindex -- Index citations by author names

autofancyhdr -- Automatically compute headlength for fancyhdr package

autonum -- Automatic equation references

autopdf -- Conversion of graphics to pdfLaTeX-compatible formats

autopuncitems -- Automatically punctuate lists

avremu -- An 8-Bit Microcontroller Simulator written in LaTeX

axessibility -- Access to formulas in PDF files by assistive technologies

background -- Placement of background material on pages of a document

bankstatement -- A LaTeX class for bank statements based on csv data

bashful -- Invoke bash commands from within LaTeX

basicarith -- Macros for typesetting basic arithmetic

bchart -- Draw simple bar charts in LaTeX

beamer-rl -- Right to left presentation with beamer and babel

beamer2thesis -- Thesis presentations using beamer

beamerappendixnote -- Create notes on appendix frames in beamer

beameraudience -- Assembling beamer frames according to audience

beamerauxtheme -- Supplementary outer and inner themes for beamer

beamercolorthemeowl -- A flexible beamer color theme to maximize visibility

beamerdarkthemes -- Dark color themes for beamer

beamerposter -- Extend beamer and a0poster for custom sized posters

beamersubframe -- Reorder frames in the PDF file

beamertheme-cuerna -- A beamer theme with 4 colour palettes

beamertheme-detlevcm -- A beamer theme designed for use in the University of Leeds

beamertheme-epyt -- A simple and clean theme for LaTeX beamer class

beamertheme-focus -- A minimalist presentation theme for LaTeX Beamer

beamertheme-light -- A minimal beamer style

beamertheme-metropolis -- A modern LaTeX beamer theme

beamertheme-npbt -- A collection of LaTeX beamer themes

beamertheme-phnompenh -- A simple beamer theme

beamertheme-pure-minimalistic -- A minimalistic presentation theme for LaTeX Beamer

beamertheme-saintpetersburg -- A beamer theme that incorporates colours and fonts of Saint Petersburg State University

beamertheme-simpledarkblue -- Template for a simple presentation

beamertheme-trigon -- A modern, elegant, and versatile theme for Beamer

beamertheme-upenn-bc -- Beamer themes for Boston College and the University of Pennsylvania

beamerthemejltree -- Contributed beamer theme

beamerthemelalic -- A beamer theme for LALIC

beamerthemenirma -- A Beamer theme for academic presentations

beamerthemenord -- A simple beamer theme using the "Nord" color theme

bearwear -- Shirts to dress TikZbears

beaulivre -- Write your books in a colorful way

beton -- Use Concrete fonts

bewerbung -- Typesetting job applications

bez123 -- Support for Bezier curves

bhcexam -- An exam class designed for Mathematics Teachers in China

bibletext -- Insert Bible passages by their reference

bigfoot -- Footnotes for critical editions

bigints -- Writing big integrals

bilingualpages -- Typeset two columns in parallel

biochemistry-colors -- Colors used to display amino acids, nucleotides, sugars or atoms in biochemistry

bithesis -- Templates for the Beijing Institute of Technology

bizcard -- Typeset business cards

blindtext -- Producing 'blind' text for testing

blkarray -- Extended array and tabular

block -- A block letter style for the letter class

blowup -- Upscale or downscale all pages of a document

bnumexpr -- Extends eTeX's \numexpr...\relax construct to big integers

boites -- Boxes that may break across pages

bold-extra -- Use bold small caps and typewriter fonts

bookcover -- A class for book covers and dust jackets

bookest -- Extended book class

booklet -- Aids for printing simple booklets

bookshelf -- Create a nice image from a BibTeX file

boolexpr -- A boolean expression evaluator and a switch command

bophook -- Provides an At-Begin-Page hook

boxedminipage -- Framed minipages of a specified total width (text and frame combined)

boxhandler -- Flexible Captioning and Deferred Box/List Printing

bracketkey -- Produce bracketed identification keys

braket -- Dirac bra-ket and set notations

breakurl -- Line-breakable \url-like links in hyperref when compiling via dvips/ps2pdf

bubblesort -- Bubble sorts a list

bullcntr -- Display list item counter as regular pattern of bullets

bxcalc -- Extend the functionality of the calc package

bxdpx-beamer -- Dvipdfmx extras for use with beamer

bxdvidriver -- Enables specifying a driver option effective only in DVI output

bxenclose -- Enclose the document body with some pieces of code

bxnewfont -- Enhanced \newfont command

bxpapersize -- Synchronize output paper size with layout paper size

bxpdfver -- Specify version and compression level of output PDF files

bxtexlogo -- Additional TeX-family logos

calcage -- Calculate the age of something, in years

calctab -- Language for numeric tables

calculator -- Use LaTeX as a scientific calculator

calrsfs -- Copperplate calligraphic letters in LaTeX

cals -- Multipage tables with wide range of features

calxxxx-yyyy -- Print a calendar for a group of years

cancel -- Place lines through maths formulae

canoniclayout -- Create canonical page layouts with memoir

capt-of -- Captions on more than floats

captcont -- Retain float number across several floats

captdef -- Declare free-standing \caption commands

carbohydrates -- Carbohydrate molecules with chemfig

cases -- Numbered cases environment

casyl -- Typeset Cree/Inuktitut in Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics

catchfile -- Catch an external file into a macro

catchfilebetweentags -- Catch text delimited by docstrip tags

catechis -- Macros for typesetting catechisms

catoptions -- Preserving and recalling standard catcodes

cbcoptic -- Coptic fonts and LaTeX macros for general usage and for philology

ccaption -- Continuation headings and legends for floats

cclicenses -- Typeset Creative Commons licence logos

cd -- Typeset CD covers

cd-cover -- Typeset CD covers

cdcmd -- Expandable conditional commands for LaTeX

cdpbundl -- Business letters in the Italian style

cellprops -- Accept CSS-like selectors in tabular, array, ...

cellspace -- Ensure minimal spacing of table cells

censor -- Tools for producing redacted documents

centeredline -- A macro for centering lines

centerlastline -- Paragraphs with last line centered, known as "Spanish" paragraphs

changebar -- Generate changebars in LaTeX documents

changelayout -- Change the layout of individual pages and their text

changelog -- Provides a changelog environment

changepage -- Margin adjustment and detection of odd/even pages

changes -- Manual change markup

chappg -- Page numbering by chapter

chapterfolder -- Package for working with complicated folder structures

cheatsheet -- A simple cheatsheet class

checkend -- Extend "improperly closed environment" messages

chet -- LaTeX layout inspired by harvmac

chextras -- A companion package for the Swiss typesetter

childdoc -- Directly compile \include'd child documents

chkfloat -- Warn whenever a float is placed "to far away"

chletter -- Class for typesetting letters to Swiss rules

chngcntr -- Change the resetting of counters

chronology -- Provides a horizontal timeline

circ -- Macros for typesetting circuit diagrams

circledsteps -- Typeset circled numbers

classics -- Cite classic works

classpack -- XML mastering for LaTeX classes and packages

clefval -- Key/value support with a hash

cleveref -- Intelligent cross-referencing

clicks -- Slide Deck Animation

clipboard -- Copy and paste into and across documents

clistmap -- Map and iterate over LaTeX3 clists

clock -- Graphical and textual clocks for TeX and LaTeX

clrdblpg -- Control pagestyle of pages left blank by \cleardoublepage

clrstrip -- Place contents into a full width colour strip

cmdstring -- Get command name reliably

cmdtrack -- Check used commands

cmsd -- Interfaces to the CM Sans Serif Bold fonts

cnltx -- LaTeX tools and documenting facilities

cntformats -- A different way to read counters

cntperchap -- Store counter values per chapter

codebox -- Highlighted source code in a fancy box

codedoc -- LaTeX code and documentation in LaTeX-format file

codehigh -- Highlight code and demos with l3regex and lpeg

codepage -- Support for variant code pages

codesection -- Provides an environment that may be conditionally included

collcell -- Collect contents of a tabular cell as argument to a macro

collectbox -- Collect and process macro arguments as boxes

colophon -- Provides commands for producing a colophon

color-edits -- Colorful edits for multiple authors of a shared document

colordoc -- Coloured syntax highlights in documentation

colorinfo -- Retrieve colour model and values for defined colours

coloring -- Define missing colors by their names

colorist -- Write your articles or books in a colorful way

colorspace -- Provides PDF color spaces

colortab -- Shade cells of tables and halign

colorwav -- Colours by wavelength of visible light

colorweb -- Extend the color package colour space

colourchange -- Colourchange

combelow -- Typeset "comma-below" letters, as in Romanian

combine -- Bundle individual documents into a single document

comma -- Formats a number by inserting commas

commado -- Expandable iteration on comma-separated and filename lists

commedit -- Commented editions with LaTeX

comment -- Selectively include/exclude portions of text

competences -- Track skills of classroom checks

concepts -- Keeping track of formal 'concepts' for a particular field

concprog -- Concert programmes

conditext -- Define and manage conditional content

constants -- Automatic numbering of constants

continue -- Prints 'continuation' marks on pages of multipage documents

contour -- Print a coloured contour around text

contracard -- Generate calling cards for dances

conv-xkv -- Create new key-value syntax

cooking -- Typeset recipes

cooking-units -- Typeset and convert units for cookery books and recipes

cool -- COntent-Oriented LaTeX

coollist -- Manipulate COntent Oriented LaTeX Lists

coolstr -- String manipulation in LaTeX

coolthms -- Reference items in a theorem environment

cooltooltips -- Associate a pop-up window and tooltip with PDF hyperlinks

coop-writing -- Support for Cooperative Writing and editorial comments

coordsys -- Draw cartesian coordinate systems

copyedit -- Copyediting support for LaTeX documents

copyrightbox -- Provide copyright notices for images in a document

coseoul -- Context sensitive outline elements

counttexruns -- Count compilations of a document

courseoutline -- Prepare university course outlines

coursepaper -- Prepare university course papers

coverpage -- Automatic cover page creation for scientific papers

cprotect -- Allow verbatim, etc., in macro arguments

crbox -- Boxes with crossed corners

crefthe -- Cross referencing with proper definite articles

crossreference -- Crossreferences within documents

crossreftools -- Expandable extraction of cleveref data

crumbs -- Add a Navigation Path to the page header

csquotes -- Context sensitive quotation facilities

css-colors -- Named colors for web-safe design

csvmerge -- Merge TeX code with csv data

csvsimple -- Simple CSV file processing

cuisine -- Typeset recipes

currency -- Format currencies in a consistent way

currfile -- Provide file name and path of input files

currvita -- Typeset a curriculum vitae

cutwin -- Cut a window in a paragraph, typeset material in it

cv -- A package for creating a curriculum vitae

cv4tw -- LaTeX CV class, with extended details

cweb-latex -- A LaTeX version of CWEB

cyber -- Annotate compliance with cybersecurity requirements

cybercic -- "Controls in Contents" for the cyber package

dashbox -- Draw dashed boxes

dashrule -- Draw dashed rules

dashundergaps -- Produce gaps that are underlined, dotted or dashed

dataref -- Manage references to experimental data

datatool -- Tools to load and manipulate data

datax -- Import individual data from script files

dateiliste -- Extensions of the \listfiles concept

datenumber -- Convert a date into a number and vice versa

datestamp -- Fixed date-stamps with LuaLaTeX

datetime -- Change format of \today with commands for current time

datetime2 -- Formats for dates, times and time zones

datetime2-bahasai -- Bahasai language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-basque -- Basque language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-breton -- Breton language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-bulgarian -- Bulgarian language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-catalan -- Catalan language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-croatian -- Croatian language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-czech -- Czech language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-danish -- Danish language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-dutch -- Dutch language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-en-fulltext -- English Full Text styles for the datetime2 package

datetime2-english -- English language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-esperanto -- Esperanto language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-estonian -- Estonian language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-finnish -- Finnish language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-french -- French language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-galician -- Galician language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-german -- German language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-greek -- Greek language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-hebrew -- Hebrew language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-icelandic -- Icelandic language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-irish -- Irish Gaelic Language Module for the datetime2 Package

datetime2-it-fulltext -- Italian full text styles for the datetime2 package

datetime2-italian -- Italian language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-latin -- Latin language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-lsorbian -- Lower Sorbian language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-magyar -- Magyar language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-norsk -- Norsk language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-polish -- Polish language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-portuges -- Portuguese language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-romanian -- Romanian language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-russian -- Russian language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-samin -- Northern Sami language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-scottish -- Scottish Gaelic Language Module for the datetime2 Package

datetime2-serbian -- Serbian language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-slovak -- Slovak language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-slovene -- Slovene language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-spanish -- Spanish language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-swedish -- Swedish language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-turkish -- Turkish language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-ukrainian -- Ukrainian language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-usorbian -- Upper Sorbian language module for the datetime2 package

datetime2-welsh -- Welsh language module for the datetime2 package

dblfloatfix -- Fixes for twocolumn floats

dbshow -- A package to store and display data with custom filters, orders, and styles

debate -- Insert notes in the form of dialogues

decimal -- LaTeX package for the English raised decimal point

decorule -- Decorative swelled rule using font character

delimtxt -- Read and parse text tables

denisbdoc -- A personal dirty package for documenting packages

diabetes-logbook -- A logbook for people with type one diabetes

diagbox -- Table heads with diagonal lines

diagnose -- A diagnostic tool for a TeX installation

dialogl -- Macros for constructing interactive LaTeX scripts

dichokey -- Construct dichotomous identification keys

dimnum -- Commands for dimensionless numbers

dinbrief -- German letter DIN style

directory -- An address book using BibTeX

dirtytalk -- A package to typeset quotations easier

dlfltxb -- Macros related to "Introdktion til LaTeX"

dnaseq -- Format DNA base sequences

doclicense -- Support for putting documents under a license

docmfp -- Document non-LaTeX code

docmute -- Input files ignoring LaTeX preamble, etc

doctools -- Tools for the documentation of LaTeX code

documentation -- Documentation support for C, Java and assembler code

docutils -- Helper commands and element definitions for Docutils LaTeX output

doi -- Create correct hyperlinks for DOI numbers

dotarrow -- Extendable dotted arrows

dotlessi -- Provides dotless i's and j's for use in any math font

dotseqn -- Flush left equations with dotted leaders to the numbers

download -- Allow LaTeX to download files using an external process

dox -- Extend the doc package

dpfloat -- Support for double-page floats

dprogress -- LaTeX-relevant log information for debugging

drac -- Declare active character substitution, robustly

draftcopy -- Identify draft copies

draftfigure -- Replace figures with a white box and additional features

draftwatermark -- Put a grey textual watermark on document pages

dtk -- Document class for the journal of DANTE

dtxdescribe -- Describe additional object types in dtx source files

dtxgallery -- A small collection of minimal DTX examples

ducksay -- Draw ASCII art of animals saying a specified message

duckuments -- Create duckified dummy content

dvdcoll -- A class for typesetting DVD archives

dynamicnumber -- Dynamically typeset numbers and values in LaTeX through "symbolic links"

dynblocks -- A simple way to create dynamic blocks for Beamer

ean13isbn -- Print EAN13 for ISBN

easy -- A collection of easy-to-use macros

easy-todo -- To-do notes in a document

easybook -- Typeset Chinese theses or books

easyfig -- Simplifying the use of common figures

easyfloats -- An easier interface to insert figures, tables and other objects in LaTeX

easyformat -- Easily add boldface, italics and smallcaps

easylist -- Lists using a single active character

easyreview -- Package to provide a way to review (or perform editorial process) in LaTeX

ebezier -- Device independent picture environment enhancement

ecclesiastic -- Typesetting Ecclesiastic Latin

econlipsum -- Generate sentences from economic articles

ecv -- A fancy Curriculum Vitae class

ed -- Editorial Notes for LaTeX documents

edichokey -- Typeset dichotomous identification keys

edmargin -- Multiple series of endnotes for critical editions

eemeir -- Adjust the gender of words in a document

efbox -- Extension of \fbox, with controllable frames and colours

egplot -- Encapsulate Gnuplot sources in LaTeX documents

ehhline -- Extend the \hhline command

einfart -- Write your articles in a simple and clear way

elegantbook -- An Elegant LaTeX Template for Books

elegantnote -- Elegant LaTeX Template for Notes

elegantpaper -- An Elegant LaTeX Template for Working Papers

elements -- Provides properties of chemical elements

ellipsis -- Fix uneven spacing around ellipses in LaTeX text mode

elmath -- Mathematics in Greek texts

elocalloc -- Local allocation macros for LaTeX 2015

elpres -- A simple class for electronic presentations

elzcards -- Typeset business cards, index cards and flash cards easily

emarks -- Named mark registers with e-TeX

embedall -- Embed source files into the generated PDF

embedfile -- Embed files into PDF

embrac -- Upright brackets in emphasised text

emptypage -- Make empty pages really empty

emulateapj -- Produce output similar to that of APJ

endfloat -- Move floats to the end, leaving markers where they belong

endheads -- Running headers of the form "Notes to pp.xx-yy"

endnotes -- Place footnotes at the end

endnotes-hy -- Patches the endnotes package to create hypertext links to the correct anchors

engpron -- Helps to type the pronunciation of English words

engrec -- Enumerate with lower- or uppercase Greek letters

enotez -- Support for end-notes

enumitem -- Control layout of itemize, enumerate, description

enumitem-zref -- Extended references to items for enumitem package

envbig -- Printing addresses on envelopes

environ -- A new interface for environments in LaTeX

envlab -- Addresses on envelopes or mailing labels

epigraph -- A package for typesetting epigraphs

epigraph-keys -- Epigraphs using key values

epiolmec -- Typesetting the Epi-Olmec Language

eq-pin2corr -- Add PIN security to the "Correct" button of a quiz created by exerquiz

eqell -- Sympathetically spaced ellipsis after punctuation

eqlist -- Description lists with equal indentation

eqnalign -- Make eqnarray behave like align

eqname -- Name tags for equations

eqparbox -- Create equal-widthed parboxes

errata -- Error markup for LaTeX documents

erw-l3 -- Utilities based on LaTeX3

esami -- Typeset exams with scrambled questions and answers

esdiff -- Simplify typesetting of derivatives

esieecv -- Curriculum vitae for French use

esindex -- Typset index entries in Spanish documents

esint -- Extended set of integrals for Computer Modern

esint-type1 -- Font esint10 in Type 1 format

etaremune -- Reverse-counting enumerate environment

etextools -- e-TeX tools for LaTeX users and package writers

etl -- Expandable token list operations

etoc -- Completely customisable TOCs

eukdate -- UK format dates, with weekday

eulerpx -- A modern interface for the Euler math fonts

europasscv -- Unofficial class for the new version of the Europass curriculum vitae

europecv -- Unofficial class for European curricula vitae

everyhook -- Hooks for standard TeX token lists

everypage -- Provide hooks to be run on every page of a document

exam -- Package for typesetting exam scripts

exam-n -- Exam class, focused on collaborative authoring

exam-randomizechoices -- Randomize mc choices using the exam class

examdesign -- LaTeX class for typesetting exams

example -- Typeset examples for TeX courses

examplep -- Verbatim phrases and listings in LaTeX

exceltex -- Get data from Excel files into LaTeX

excludeonly -- Prevent files being \include-ed

exercise -- Typeset exercises, problems, etc. and their answers

exercisebank -- Creating and managing exercises, and reusing them as composed sets

exercisepoints -- A LaTeX package to count exercises and points

exercises -- Typeset exercises and solutions with automatic addition of points

exesheet -- Typesetting exercise or exam sheets

exframe -- Framework for exercise problems

exp-testopt -- Expandable \@testopt (and related) macros

expdlist -- Expanded description environments

export -- Import and export values of LaTeX registers

exsheets -- Create exercise sheets and exams

exsol -- Exercises and solutions from the same source, into a book

extract -- Extract parts of a document and write to another document

facsimile -- Document class for preparing faxes

factura -- Typeset and calculate invoices according to Venezuelan law

fancyhandout -- A LaTeX class for producing nice-looking handouts

fancylabel -- Complex labelling with LaTeX

fancynum -- Typeset numbers

fancypar -- Decoration of individual paragraphs

fancyslides -- Custom presentation class built upon LaTeX Beamer

fancytabs -- Fancy page border tabs

fancytooltips -- Include a wide range of material in PDF tooltips

fbox -- Extended \fbox macro from standard LaTeX

fcolumn -- Typesetting financial tables

fetchcls -- Fetch the current class name

fewerfloatpages -- Reduce the number of unnecessary float pages

ffcode -- Fixed-font code blocks formatted nicely

ffslides -- Freeform slides based on the article class

fgruler -- Draw rulers on the foreground or in the text

fifo-stack -- FIFO and stack implementation for package writers

figsize -- Auto-size graphics

filecontents -- Create an external file from within a LaTeX document

filecontentsdef -- filecontents + macro + verbatim

filedate -- Access and compare info and modification dates

fileinfo -- Enhanced display of LaTeX File Information

filemod -- Provide file modification times, and compare them

fink -- The LaTeX2e File Name Keeper

finstrut -- Adjust behaviour of the ends of footnotes

fithesis -- Thesis class and template for Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic)

fixcmex -- Fully scalable version of Computer Modern Math Extension font

fixfoot -- Multiple use of the same footnote text

fixme -- Collaborative annotation tool for LaTeX

fixmetodonotes -- Add notes on document development

fjodor -- A selection of layout styles

flabels -- Labels for files and folders

flacards -- Generate flashcards for printing

flagderiv -- Flag style derivation package

flashcards -- A class for typesetting flashcards

flashmovie -- Directly embed flash movies into PDF files

flipbook -- Typeset flipbook animations, in the corners of documents

flippdf -- Horizontal flipping of pages with pdfLaTeX

floatflt -- Wrap text around floats

floatrow -- Modifying the layout of floats

flowfram -- Create text frames for posters, brochures or magazines

fmp -- Include Functional MetaPost in LaTeX

fmtcount -- Display the value of a LaTeX counter in a variety of formats

fn2end -- Convert footnotes to endnotes

fnbreak -- Warn for split footnotes

fncychap -- Seven predefined chapter heading styles

fncylab -- Alter the format of \label references

fnpara -- Footnotes in paragraphs

fnpct -- Manage footnote marks' interaction with punctuation

fnumprint -- Print a number in 'appropriate' format

foilhtml -- Interface between foiltex and LaTeX2HTML

foliono -- Use folio numbers to replace page numbers

fontaxes -- Additional font axes for LaTeX

fontsetup -- A front-end to fontspec, for selected fonts with math support

fontsize -- A small package to set arbitrary sizes for the main font of the document

fonttable -- Print font tables from a LaTeX document

footmisc -- A range of footnote options

footmisx -- A range of footnote options

footnotebackref -- Back-references from footnotes

footnoterange -- References to ranges of footnotes

footnpag -- Per-page numbering of footnotes

forarray -- Using array structures in LaTeX

foreign -- Systematic treatment of 'foreign' words in documents

forloop -- Iteration in LaTeX

formlett -- Letters to multiple recipients

forms16be -- Initialize form properties using big-endian encoding

formular -- Create forms containing field for manual entry

fragments -- Fragments of LaTeX code

frame -- Framed boxes for Plain TeX

framed -- Framed or shaded regions that can break across pages

frankenstein -- A collection of LaTeX packages

frege -- Typeset fregean Begriffsschrift

froufrou -- Fancy section separators

ftcap -- Allows \caption at the beginning of a table-environment

ftnxtra -- Extend the applicability of the \footnote command

fullblck -- Left-blocking for letter class

fullminipage -- Minipage spanning a complete page

fullwidth -- Adjust margins of text block

fundus-calligra -- Support for the calligra font in LaTeX documents

fundus-cyr -- Support for Washington University Cyrillic fonts

fundus-sueterlin -- Sutterlin

fvextra -- Extensions and patches for fancyvrb

fwlw -- Get first and last words of a page

g-brief -- Letter document class

gatherenum -- A crossover of align* and enumerate

gauss -- A package for Gaussian operations

gcard -- Arrange text on a sheet to fold into a greeting card

gcite -- Citations in a reader-friendly style

gender -- Gender neutrality for languages with grammatical gender

genmpage -- Generalization of LaTeX's minipages

getfiledate -- Find the date of last modification of a file

getitems -- Gathering items from a list-like environment

gindex -- Formatting indexes

ginpenc -- Modification of inputenc for German

gitfile-info -- Get git metadata for a specific file

gitinfo -- Access metadata from the git distributed version control system

gitinfo2 -- Access metadata from the git distributed version control system

gitlog -- Typesetting git changelogs

gitver -- Get the current git hash of a project and typeset it in the document

globalvals -- Declare global variables

gloss -- Create glossaries using BibTeX

glossaries -- Create glossaries and lists of acronyms

glossaries-danish -- Danish language module for glossaries package

glossaries-dutch -- Dutch language module for glossaries package

glossaries-english -- English language module for glossaries package

glossaries-estonian -- Estonian language module for glossaries package

glossaries-extra -- An extension to the glossaries package

glossaries-finnish -- Finnish language module for glossaries package

glossaries-french -- French language module for glossaries package

glossaries-german -- German language module for glossaries package

glossaries-irish -- Irish language module for glossaries package

glossaries-italian -- Italian language module for glossaries package

glossaries-magyar -- Magyar language module for glossaries package

glossaries-nynorsk -- Nynorsk language module for the glossaries package

glossaries-polish -- Polish language module for glossaries package

glossaries-portuges -- Portuges language module for glossaries package

glossaries-serbian -- Serbian language module for glossaries package

glossaries-slovene -- Slovene language module for glossaries package

glossaries-spanish -- Spanish language module for glossaries package

gmdoc -- Documentation of LaTeX packages

gmdoc-enhance -- Some enhancements to the gmdoc package

gmiflink -- Simplify usage of \hypertarget and \hyperlink

gmutils -- Support macros for other packages

gmverb -- A variant of LaTeX \verb, verbatim and shortvrb

grabbox -- Read an argument into a box and execute the code afterwards

graphbox -- Extend graphicx to improve placement of graphics

graphicscache -- Cache includegraphics calls

graphicx-psmin -- Reduce size of PostScript files by not repeating images

graphicxbox -- Insert a graphical image as a background

graphpaper -- A LaTeX class to generate several types of graph papers

grayhints -- Produce 'gray hints' to a variable text field

grfpaste -- Include fragments of a dvi file

grid -- Grid typesetting in LaTeX

grid-system -- Page organisation, modelled on CSS facilities

gridpapers -- Graph paper backgrounds and color schemes

gridset -- Grid, a.k.a. in-register, setting

gridslides -- Free form slides with blocks placed on a grid

gs1 -- Typeset EAN barcodes using TeX rules, only

guitlogo -- Macros for typesetting the GuIT logo

ha-prosper -- Patches and improvements for prosper

hackthefootline -- Footline selection and configuration for LaTeX beamer's standard themes

halloweenmath -- Scary and creepy math symbols with AMS-LaTeX integration

handin -- Light weight template for creating school submissions using LaTeX

handout -- Create handout for auditors of a talk

handoutwithnotes -- Create Handouts with notes from your LaTeX beamer presentation

hang -- Environments for hanging paragraphs and list items

hanging -- Hanging paragraphs

hardwrap -- Hard wrap text to a certain character length

harnon-cv -- A CV document class with a vertical timeline for experience

harpoon -- Extra harpoons, using the graphics package

hc -- Replacement for the LaTeX classes

he-she -- Alternating pronouns to aid gender-neutral writing

hep-acronym -- An acronym extension for glossaries

hep-float -- Convenience package for float placement

hep-math -- Extended math macros

hep-text -- List and text extensions

hep-title -- Extensions for the title page

hhtensor -- Print vectors, matrices, and tensors

highlightlatex -- Syntax highlighting for LaTeX

histogr -- Draw histograms with the LaTeX picture environment

hitec -- Class for documentation

hitreport -- Harbin Institute of Technology Report LaTeX Template

hletter -- Flexible letter typesetting with flexible page headings

hobsub -- Construct package bundles

hpsdiss -- A dissertation class

href-ul -- Underscored LaTeX hyperlinks

hrefhide -- Suppress hyper links when printing

huawei -- Template for Huawei documents

hvindex -- Support for indexing

hvlogos -- Print TeX-related names as logo

hvqrurl -- Insert a QR code in the margin

hypdestopt -- Hyperref destination optimizer

hypdoc -- Hyper extensions for doc.sty

hypdvips -- Hyperref extensions for use with dvips

hyper -- Hypertext cross referencing

hyperbar -- Add interactive Barcode fields to PDF forms

hypernat -- Allow hyperref and natbib to work together

hyperxmp -- Embed XMP metadata within a LaTeX document

hyphenat -- Disable/enable hypenation

identkey -- Typesetting bracketed dichotomous identification keys

idxcmds -- Semantic commands for adding formatted index entries

idxlayout -- Configurable index layout, responsive to KOMA-Script and memoir

iexec -- Execute shell commands and input their output

ifallfalse -- Compare a string against a set of other strings

iffont -- Conditionally load fonts with fontspec

ifmslide -- Presentation slides for screen and printouts

ifmtarg -- If-then-else command for processing potentially empty arguments

ifnextok -- Utility macro: peek ahead without ignoring spaces

ifoddpage -- Determine if the current page is odd or even

ifthenx -- Extra tests for \ifthenelse

iitem -- Multiple level of lists in one list-like environment

image-gallery -- Create an overview of pictures from a digital camera or from other sources

imakeidx -- A package for producing multiple indexes

import -- Establish input relative to a directory

incgraph -- Sophisticated graphics inclusion in a PDF document

indextools -- Producing multiple indices

inline-images -- Inline images in base64 encoding

inlinedef -- Inline expansions within definitions

inputenx -- Enhanced input encoding handling

inputtrc -- Trace which file loads which

interactiveworkbook -- LaTeX-based interactive PDF on the Web

interfaces -- Set parameters for other packages, conveniently

intopdf -- Embed non-PDF files into PDF with hyperlink

inversepath -- Calculate inverse file paths

invoice -- Generate invoices

invoice-class -- Produces a standard US invoice from a CSV file

invoice2 -- Intelligent invoices with LaTeX3

iso -- Generic ISO standards typesetting macros

iso10303 -- Typesetting the STEP standards

isodate -- Tune the output format of dates according to language

isodoc -- A LaTeX class for typesetting letters and invoices

isonums -- Display numbers in maths mode according to ISO 31-0

isopt -- Writing a TeX length with a space between number and unit

isorot -- Rotation of document elements

isotope -- A package for typesetting isotopes

issuulinks -- Produce external links instead of internal ones

iwhdp -- Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) Discussion Papers

jlabels -- Make letter-sized pages of labels

jslectureplanner -- Creation and management of university course material

jumplines -- Articles with teasers and continuation later on

jvlisting -- A replacement for LaTeX's verbatim package

kalendarium -- Print dates according to the classical Latin calendar

kantlipsum -- Generate sentences in Kant's style

kerntest -- Print tables and generate control files to adjust kernings

keycommand -- Simple creation of commands with key-value arguments

keyfloat -- Provides a key/value interface for generating floats

keyindex -- Index entries by key lookup

keyparse -- Key based parser

keyreader -- A robust interface to xkeyval

keystroke -- Graphical representation of keys on keyboard

keyval2e -- A lightweight and robust key-value parser

keyvaltable -- Re-usable table layouts separating content and presentation

kix -- Typeset KIX codes

knowledge -- Displaying, hyperlinking, and indexing notions in a document

koma-moderncvclassic -- Makes the style and command of moderncv (style classic) available for koma-classes and thus compatible with BibLaTeX

koma-script-sfs -- Koma-script letter class option for Finnish

komacv -- Typesetting a beautiful CV with various style options

komacv-rg -- LaTeX packages that aid in creating CVs based on the komacv class and creating related documents

ktv-texdata -- Extract subsets of documents

l3build -- A testing and building system for (La)TeX

labbook -- Typeset laboratory journals

labels -- Print sheets of sticky labels

labels4easylist -- Add reference labels to easylist items

labelschanged -- Identify labels which cause endless "may have changed" warnings

lambdax -- Use Lambda expression within LaTeX

lastpackage -- Indicates the last loaded package

lastpage -- Reference last page for Page N of M type footers

latex-amsmath-dev -- Development pre-release of the LaTeX amsmath bundle

latex-base-dev -- Development pre-release of the LaTeX kernel

latex-bin-dev -- LaTeX pre-release executables and formats

latex-firstaid-dev -- Development pre-release of the LaTeX firstaid package

latex-graphics-dev -- Development pre-release of the LaTeX graphics bundle

latex-lab-dev -- LaTeX laboratory: Development pre-release

latex-tools-dev -- Development pre-release of the LaTeX tools bundle

latex-uni8 -- Universal inputenc, fontenc, and babel for pdfLaTeX and LuaLaTeX

latexcolors -- Use color definitions from latexcolor.com

latexdemo -- Demonstrate LaTeX code with its resulting output

latexgit -- A LaTeX git wrapper

layouts -- Display various elements of a document's layout

lazylist -- Lists in TeX's "mouth"

lccaps -- Lowercased (spaced) small capitals

lcd -- Alphanumerical LCD-style displays

lcg -- Generate random integers

leading -- Define leading with a length

leaflet -- Create small handouts (flyers)

lebhart -- Write your articles in a colorful way

lectures -- A document class for quickly drafting nice looking lecture notes

lectureslides -- Combine single PDF files into one file

leftidx -- Left and right subscripts and superscripts in math mode

leftindex -- Left indices with better spacing

leipzig -- Typeset and index linguistic gloss abbreviations

lengthconvert -- Express lengths in arbitrary units

lettre -- Letters and faxes in French

lettrine -- Typeset dropped capitals

lewis -- Draw Lewis structures

lhelp -- Miscellaneous helper packages

libgreek -- Use Libertine or Biolinum Greek glyphs in mathematics

limap -- Typeset maps and blocks according to the Information Mapping(r) method

linegoal -- A "dimen" that returns the space left on the line

linop -- Typeset linear operators as they appear in quantum theory or linear algebra

lipsum -- Easy access to the Lorem Ipsum and other dummy texts

lisp-on-tex -- Execute LISP code in a LaTeX document

listing -- Produce formatted program listings

listingsutf8 -- Allow UTF-8 in listings input

listlbls -- Creates a list of all labels used throughout a document

listliketab -- Typeset lists as tables

listofsymbols -- Create and manipulate lists of symbols

lkproof -- LK Proof figure macros

lmake -- Process lists to do repetitive actions

locality -- Various macros for keeping things local

logbox -- e-TeX showbox facilities for exploration purposes

logical-markup-utils -- Packages for language-dependent inline quotes and dashes

logpap -- Generate logarithmic graph paper with LaTeX

longfbox -- Draw framed boxes with standard CSS attributes that can break over multiple pages

longfigure -- Provides a figure-like environment that break over pages

longnamefilelist -- Tidy \listfiles with long file names

loops -- General looping macros for use with LaTeX

lsc -- Typesetting Live Sequence Charts

lstaddons -- Add-on packages for listings: autogobble and line background

lstfiracode -- Use Fira Code font for listings

lt3graph -- Provide a graph datastructure for experimental LaTeX3

ltablex -- Table package extensions

ltabptch -- Bug fix for longtable

ltxdockit -- Documentation support

ltxguidex -- An extended ltxguide class

ltxkeys -- A robust key parser for LaTeX

ltxnew -- A simple means of creating commands

ltxtools -- A collection of LaTeX API macros

lua-check-hyphen -- Mark hyphenations in a document, for checking

lua-physical -- Functions and objects for the computation of physical quantities

luatodonotes -- Add editing annotations in a LuaLaTeX document

macrolist -- List operations for LaTeX2e

macroswap -- Swap the definitions of two LaTeX macros

magaz -- Magazine layout

magicnum -- Access TeX systems' "magic numbers"

mailing -- Macros for mail merging

mailmerge -- Repeating text field substitution

makebarcode -- Print various kinds 2/5 and Code 39 bar codes

makebase -- Typeset counters in a different base

makebox -- Defines a \makebox* command

makecell -- Tabular column heads and multilined cells

makecirc -- A MetaPost library for drawing electrical circuit diagrams

makecmds -- The new \makecommand command always (re)defines a command

makecookbook -- Make a Cookbook

makedtx -- Perl script to help generate dtx and ins files

makeglos -- Include a glossary into a document

makelabels -- Add a '\makelabels' feature to KOMA-Script letter classes and package

makerobust -- Making a macro robust (legacy package)

mandi -- Macros for introductory physics and astronomy

manfnt -- LaTeX support for the TeX book symbols

manuscript -- Emulate look of a document typed on a typewriter

manyind -- Provides support for many indexes

marginfit -- Improved margin notes

marginfix -- Patch \marginpar to avoid overfull margins

marginnote -- Notes in the margin, even where \marginpar fails

markdown -- A package for converting and rendering markdown documents inside TeX

mathalpha -- General package for loading maths alphabets in LaTeX

mathastext -- Use the text font in maths mode

mathexam -- Package for typesetting exams

mathfam256 -- Extend math family up to 256 for pLaTeX/upLaTeX/Lamed

mathfont -- Use TrueType and OpenType fonts in math mode

maybemath -- Make math bold or italic according to context

mcaption -- Put captions in the margin

mceinleger -- Creating covers for music cassettes

mcexam -- Create randomized Multiple Choice questions

mcite -- Multiple items in a single citation

mciteplus -- Enhanced multiple citations

mdframed -- Framed environments that can split at page boundaries

media4svg -- Multimedia inclusion for the dvisvgm backend

media9 -- Multimedia inclusion package with Adobe Reader-9/X compatibility

medstarbeamer -- Beamer document class for MedStar Health Research Institute

meetingmins -- Format written minutes of meetings

memexsupp -- Experimental memoir support

memory -- Containers for data in LaTeX

mensa-tex -- Typeset simple school cafeteria menus

menu -- Typesetting menus

menucard -- Typesetting menu cards with LaTeX

menukeys -- Format menu sequences, paths and keystrokes from lists

metalogox -- Adjust TeX logos, with font detection

metanorma -- Write Metanorma standardization documents using LaTe

metastr -- Store and compose strings

method -- Typeset method and variable declarations

metre -- Support for the work of classicists

mfirstuc -- Uppercase the first letter of a word

mftinc -- Pretty-print Metafont source

mi-solns -- Extract solutions from exercises and quizzes

midpage -- Environment for vertical centring

mindflow -- Write your ideas in a clear way

minibox -- A simple type of box for LaTeX

minidocument -- Creates miniature documents inside other LaTeX documents

minifp -- Fixed-point real computations to 8 decimals

minimalist -- Write your articles or books in a simple and clear way

minipage-marginpar -- Minipages with marginal notes

minitoc -- Produce a table of contents for each chapter, part or section

minorrevision -- Quote and refer to a manuscript for minor revisions

minted -- Highlighted source code for LaTeX

minutes -- Typeset the minutes of meetings

mla-paper -- Proper MLA formatting

mleftright -- Variants of delimiters that act as maths open/close

mlist -- Logical markup for lists

mmap -- Include CMap resources in PDF files from pdfTeX

mnotes -- Margin annotation for collaborative writing

moderncv -- A modern curriculum vitae class

modernposter -- A modern LaTeX poster theme

moderntimeline -- Timelines for use with moderncv

modref -- Customisation of cross-references in LaTeX

modroman -- Write numbers in lower case roman numerals

modular -- Relative section headings for modular documents

monofill -- Alignment of plain text

moodle -- Generating Moodle quizzes via LaTeX

moreenum -- More enumeration options

morefloats -- Increase the number of simultaneous LaTeX floats

morehype -- Hypertext tools for use with LaTeX

moresize -- Allows font sizes up to 35.83pt

moreverb -- Extended verbatim

morewrites -- Always room for a new write stream

movie15 -- Multimedia inclusion package

mparhack -- Work around a LaTeX bug in marginpars

mpostinl -- Embed MetaPost figures within LaTeX documents

msc -- Draw MSC diagrams

msg -- A package for LaTeX localisation

mslapa -- Michael Landy's APA citation style

mtgreek -- Use italic and upright greek letters with mathtime

multenum -- Multi-column enumerated lists

multiaudience -- Several versions of output from the same source

multibbl -- Multiple bibliographies

multicap -- Format captions inside multicols

multicolrule -- Decorative rules between columns

multidef -- Quickly define several similar macros

multienv -- Multiple environments using a "key=value" syntax

multiexpand -- Variations on the primitive command \expandafter

multilang -- A LaTeX package for maintaining multiple translations of a document

multirow -- Create tabular cells spanning multiple rows

mversion -- Keeping track of document versions

mwe -- Packages and image files for MWEs

mycv -- A list-driven CV class, allowing TikZ decorations

mylatex -- Make a format containing a document's preamble

mylatexformat -- Build a format based on the preamble of a LaTeX file

nag -- Detecting and warning about obsolete LaTeX commands

nameauth -- Name authority mechanism for consistency in body text and index

namespc -- Rudimentary C++-like namespaces in LaTeX

ncclatex -- An extended general-purpose class

ncctools -- A collection of general packages for LaTeX

needspace -- Insert pagebreak if not enough space

nestquot -- Alternate quotes between double and single with nesting

newcommand -- Generate new LaTeX command definitions

newenviron -- Processing an environment's body

newfile -- User level management of LaTeX input and output

newlfm -- Write letters, facsimiles, and memos

newspaper -- Typeset newsletters to resemble newspapers

newunicodechar -- Definitions of the meaning of Unicode characters

newvbtm -- Define your own verbatim-like environment

newverbs -- Define new versions of \verb, including short verb versions

nextpage -- Generalisations of the page advance commands

nfssext-cfr -- Extensions to the LaTeX NFSS

nicefilelist -- Provide \listfiles alignment

niceframe -- Support for fancy frames

nicetext -- Minimal markup for simple text (Wikipedia style) and documentation

nidanfloat -- Bottom placement option for double float in two column mode (nidan-kumi)

ninecolors -- Select colors with proper WCAG color contrast

nlctdoc -- Package documentation class

noconflict -- Resolve macro name conflict between packages

noindentafter -- Prevent paragraph indentation after environments or macros

noitcrul -- Improved underlines in mathematics

nolbreaks -- No line breaks in text

nomencl -- Produce lists of symbols as in nomenclature

nomentbl -- Nomenclature typeset in a longtable

nonfloat -- Non-floating table and figure captions

nonumonpart -- Prevent page numbers on part pages

nopageno -- No page numbers in LaTeX documents

normalcolor -- Changing \normalcolor

notes -- Mark sections of a document

notespages -- Filling documents with notes pages and notes areas

notestex -- An all-in-one LaTeX notes package for students

notoccite -- Prevent trouble from citations in table of contents, etc

nowidow -- Avoid widows

nox -- Adaptable tables

ntheorem -- Enhanced theorem environment

numberedblock -- Print a block of code, with unique index number

numname -- Convert a number to its English expression

numprint -- Print numbers with separators and exponent if necessary

numspell -- Spelling cardinal and ordinal numbers

ocg-p -- PDF OCG support in LaTeX

ocgx -- Use OCGs within a PDF document without JavaScript

ocgx2 -- Drop-in replacement for 'ocgx' and 'ocg-p'

ocr-latex -- LaTeX support for ocr fonts

octavo -- Typeset books following classical design and layout

oldstyle -- Old style numbers in OT1 encoding

onlyamsmath -- Inhibit use of non-amsmath mathematics markup when using amsmath

opcit -- Footnote-style bibliographical references

optidef -- Environments for writing optimization problems

optional -- Facilitate optional printing of parts of a document

options -- Provides convenient key-value options for LaTeX package writers

orcidlink -- Insert hyperlinked ORCiD logo

orientation -- Set page orientation with dvips/Ghostscript (ps2pdf)

outline -- List environment for making outlines

outliner -- Change section levels easily

outlines -- Produce "outline" lists

outlining -- Create outlines for scientific documents

overlays -- Incremental slides

overpic -- Combine LaTeX commands over included graphics

padcount -- Pad numbers with arbitrary characters

pagecolor -- Interrogate page colour

pagecont -- Page numbering that continues between documents

pagenote -- Notes at end of document

pagerange -- Flexible and configurable page range typesetting

pageslts -- Variants of last page labels

palette -- Create palettes for colors and symbols that can be swapped in

paper -- Versions of article class, tuned for scholarly publications

papercdcase -- Origami-style folding paper CD case

papermas -- Compute the mass of a printed version of a document

papertex -- Class for newspapers, etc

paracol -- Multiple columns with texts "in parallel"

parades -- Tabulators and space between paragraphs in galley approach

paralist -- Enumerate and itemize within paragraphs

paresse -- Define simple macros for greek letters

parnotes -- Notes after every paragraph (or elsewhere)

parsa -- A XeLaTeX package for theses and dissertations at Iranian Universities

parselines -- Apply a macro to each line of an environment

pas-cours -- Macros useful in preparing teaching material

pas-cv -- Flexible typesetting of Curricula Vitae

pas-tableur -- Create a spreadsheet layout

patch -- Patch loaded packages, etc.

patchcmd -- Change the definition of an existing command

pauldoc -- German LaTeX package documentation

pawpict -- Using graphics from PAW

pax -- Extract and reinsert PDF annotations with pdfTeX

pbalance -- Balance last page in two-column mode

pbox -- A variable-width \parbox command

pbsheet -- Problem sheet class

pdf14 -- Restore PDF 1.4 to a TeX live 2010 format

pdfcolmk -- Improved colour support under pdfTeX (legacy stub)

pdfcomment -- A user-friendly interface to pdf annotations

pdfcprot -- Activating and setting of character protruding using pdfLaTeX

pdfmarginpar -- Generate marginpar-equivalent PDF annotations

pdfoverlay -- A LaTeX style for overlaying text on a PDF

pdfpagediff -- Find difference between two PDF's

pdfpc -- Define data for the pdfpc presentation viewer

pdfpc-movie -- Pdfpc viewer-compatible hyperlinks to movies

pdfprivacy -- A LaTeX package to remove or suppress pdf meta-data

pdfreview -- Annotate PDF files with margin notes

pdfscreen -- Support screen-based document design

pdfslide -- Presentation slides using pdfTeX

pdfsync -- Provide links between source and PDF

pdfwin -- customizable windows for screen viewing of TeX documents

pdfx -- PDF/X and PDF/A support for pdfTeX, LuaTeX and XeTeX

pecha -- Print Tibetan text in the classic pecha layout style

perltex -- Define LaTeX macros in terms of Perl code

permute -- Support for symmetric groups

petiteannonce -- A class for small advertisements

pgfmath-xfp -- Define pgfmath functions using xfp

phfcc -- Convenient inline commenting in collaborative documents

phfextendedabstract -- Typeset extended abstracts for conferences, such as often encountered in quantum information theory

phffullpagefigure -- Figures which fill up a whole page

phfnote -- Basic formatting for short documents

phfparen -- Parenthetic math expressions made simpler and less redundant

phfqit -- Macros for typesetting Quantum Information Theory

phfquotetext -- Quote verbatim text without white space formatting

phfsvnwatermark -- Watermarks with version control information from SVN

phfthm -- Goodies for theorems and proofs

philex -- Cross references for named and numbered environments

phonenumbers -- Typesetting telephone numbers with LaTeX

photo -- A float environment for photographs

picture -- Dimens for picture macros

piff -- Macro tools by Mike Piff

pkgloader -- Manage the options and loading order of other packages

placeins -- Control float placement

plantslabels -- Write labels for plants

plates -- Arrange for "plates" sections of documents

plweb -- Literate Programming for Prolog with LaTeX

pmboxdraw -- Poor man's box drawing characters

polynom -- Macros for manipulating polynomials

polynomial -- Typeset (univariate) polynomials

polytable -- Tabular-like environments with named columns

postcards -- Facilitates mass-mailing of postcards (junkmail)

poster-mac -- Make posters and banners with TeX

powerdot -- A presentation class

ppr-prv -- Prosper preview

practicalreports -- Some macros for writing practical reports

prelim2e -- Allows the marking of preliminary versions of a document

preprint -- A bundle of packages provided "as is"

pressrelease -- A class for typesetting press releases

prettyref -- Make label references "self-identify"

printlen -- Print lengths using specified units

probsoln -- Generate problem sheets and their solution sheets

program -- Typesetting programs and algorithms

progress -- Creates an overview of a document's state

progressbar -- Visualize shares of total amounts in the form of a (progress-)bar

projlib -- A series of tools to simplify your workflow

proofread -- Commands for inserting annotations

properties -- Load properties from a file

prosper -- LaTeX class for high quality slides

protex -- Literate programming package
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