TeX Live: LuaTeX packages
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Packages for LuaTeX, a Unicode-aware extension of pdfTeX, using Lua as an embedded scripting and extension language. http://luatex.org/

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

addliga -- Access basic ligatures in legacy TrueType fonts

auto-pst-pdf-lua -- Using LuaLaTeX together with PostScript code

barracuda -- Draw barcodes with Lua

bezierplot -- Approximate smooth function graphs with cubic bezier splines for use with TikZ or MetaPost

checkcites -- Check citation commands in a document

chickenize -- Use lua callbacks for "interesting" textual effects

chinese-jfm -- Luatexja-jfm files for Chinese typesetting

cloze -- A LuaLaTeX package for creating cloze texts

combofont -- Add NFSS-declarations of combo fonts to LuaLaTeX documents

cstypo -- Czech typography rules enforced through LuaTeX hooks

ctablestack -- Catcode table stable support

ekdosis -- Typesetting TEI-xml compliant Critical Editions

emoji -- Emoji support in (Lua)LaTeX

emojicite -- Add emojis to citations

enigma -- Encrypt documents with a three rotor Enigma

innerscript -- Modifies automatic mathematics spacing

interpreter -- Translate input files on the fly

kanaparser -- Kana parser for LuaTeX

lua-typo -- Highlighting typographical flaws with LuaLaTeX

lua-uca -- Unicode Collation Algorithm library for Lua

lua-ul -- Underlining for LuaLaTeX

lua-uni-algos -- Unicode algorithms for LuaTeX

lua-visual-debug -- Visual debugging with LuaLaTeX

lua-widow-control -- Automatically remove widows and orphans from any document

luacode -- Helper for executing lua code from within TeX

luacolor -- Color support based on LuaTeX's node attributes

luahyphenrules -- Loading patterns in LuaLaTeX with language.dat

luaimageembed -- Embed images as base64-encoded strings

luaindex -- Create index using LuaLaTeX

luainputenc -- Replacing inputenc for use in LuaTeX

luaintro -- Examples from the book "Einfuhrung in LuaTeX und LuaLaTeX"

luakeys -- A Lua module for parsing key-value options

lualatex-doc -- A guide to use of LaTeX with LuaTeX

lualatex-math -- Fixes for mathematics-related LuaLaTeX issues

lualatex-truncate -- A wrapper for using the truncate package with LuaLaTeX

lualibs -- Additional Lua functions for LuaTeX macro programmers

luamplib -- Use LuaTeX's built-in MetaPost interpreter

luaotfload -- OpenType 'loader' for Plain TeX and LaTeX

luapackageloader -- Allow LuaTeX to load external Lua packages

luaprogtable -- Programmable table interface for LuaLaTeX

luarandom -- Create lists of random numbers

luatex85 -- pdfTeX aliases for LuaTeX

luatexbase -- Basic resource management for LuaTeX code

luatexko -- Typeset Korean with Lua(La)TeX

luatextra -- Additional macros for Plain TeX and LaTeX in LuaTeX

luavlna -- Prevent line breaks after single letter words, units, or academic titles

luaxml -- Lua library for reading and serialising XML files

lutabulartools -- lutabulartools provides some useful commands for tabular matter

minim -- A modern plain format for the LuaTeX engine

minim-math -- Extensive maths for LuaTeX

minim-mp -- Low-level mplib integration for LuaTeX

minim-pdf -- Low-level PDF integration for LuaTeX

minim-xmp -- Embed XMP metadata in PDF with LuaTeX

newpax -- Experimental package to extract and reinsert PDF annotations

nodetree -- Visualize node lists in a tree view

odsfile -- Read OpenDocument Spreadsheet documents as LaTeX tables

optex -- LuaTeX format based on Plain TeX and OPmac

pdfarticle -- Class for pdf publications

pdfextra -- Extra PDF features for (Op)TeX

penlight -- Penlight Lua libraries made available to LuaLaTeX users

placeat -- Absolute content positioning

plantuml -- Support for rendering UML diagrams using the syntax and tool of PlantUML

pyluatex -- Execute Python code on the fly in your LaTeX documents

selnolig -- Selectively disable typographic ligatures

spelling -- Support for spell-checking of LuaTeX documents

stricttex -- Strictly balanced brackets and numbers in command names

truthtable -- Automatically generate truth tables for given variables and statements

typewriter -- Typeset with a randomly variable monospace font

uninormalize -- Unicode normalization support

yamlvars -- A YAML parser and tool for easy LaTeX definition creation
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