Wysiwyg mathematical text editor using tex fonts
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Gnu texmacs is a free scientific text editor, which was both inspired by tex and gnu emacs.

the editor allows you to write structured documents via a wysiwyg (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) and a user friendly interface. new styles may be created by the user. the program implements high-quality typesetting algorithms and tex fonts, which help you to produce professionally looking documents.

the high typesetting quality still goes through for automatically generated formulas, which makes texmacs suitable as an interface for computer algebra systems. texmacs also supports the guile/scheme extension language, so that you may customize the interface and write your own extensions to the editor.

this package contains the architecture dependent files.
Latest reviews
nhasbun 9 years ago

Texmacs is the dream. 4/5 stars only bc of minor bugs like problems with PDFs and hyperlinks. Very user friendly and learning curve is quick for shortcuts that makes your life really easy. Very productive. My main editor for reports on college now.

EdLax 11 years ago

Highly useful for producing quickly LaTeX-quality documents. This is my main editor for scientific documents. Its capability to integrate inside a typeset document computing sessions in various languages (Python, Maxima, ...) is also very nice. I recommend it to all my colleagues.

Jarrinator 12 years ago

Excellent GUI for Computer Algebra Systems and a good LaTeX Editor

Alexio 14 years ago

A great scientific editor, it works too as a GUI for a lot of apps like Maxima, gnuplot, R, Axiom, etc.