Full-screen character mode text editor
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THE (The Hessling Editor) is a text editor that uses both command line commands and key bindings to operate. It is intended to be similar to the VM/CMS System Product Editor, XEDIT and to KEDIT from Mansfield Software.
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saltair 1 year ago

This is an outstanding piece of software from Mark Hessling. This is very powerful and different from other unix editors. For IBM VM/CMS z/VM mainframers It helps to create a profile named ".therc" to configure it . I don't find the default to be very user friendly. Insufficient space to do it here but I'll attempt to put together a tutorial. To get started in Xedit mode enter the command: set compat xedit xedit xedit

MikeF90000 5 years ago

As the description says, this editor is based on the IBM mainframe editor XEDIT. It is modeless - a command line is always visible and is used for editor commands, macros and external operating system commands. It is full screen, just move the cursor anywhere and enter text. Your insert key toggles between inserting and overwriting text. The 'all' macro is a great tool for making global changes to a text file and previewing your proposed action before committing. For further details see