Lightweight taskbar
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Tint is a simple panel/taskbar intentionally made for openbox3, but should also work with other window managers. The taskbar includes transparency and color settings for the font, icons, border, and background. It also supports multihead setups, customized mouse actions, and a built-in clock. Tint was originally based on ttm code. Since then, support has also been added for a battery monitor and system tray.

The goal is to keep a clean and unintrusive look with lightweight code and compliance with freedesktop specification.
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jg62 1 year ago

Installation for KDE desktop did not go smooth. Upon launch Tint2 installed itself to taskbar then took over and blocked my start menu. Got out of it with a restore using Timeshift.

krause 9 years ago

perfeito na sua simplicidade

orionthehunter 9 years ago

Great lightweight alternative to other task managers and system trays, lightweight and customizable with a simple text file. Alternatively get the tint2 theme program and just download pre-designed themes.

Vegan 9 years ago

Perfect with openbox, light and conffigurable.

spacy01 10 years ago

Very lightweight, very customizable... you can made to look unique.

kitzune 10 years ago

Es una barra de tareas simplemente sencilla, que solo consume 1 mb de ram y nada de procesador es bonita simplemnte la mejor

asymmetros 10 years ago

Lightweight. I use it with openbox, especially when i want to navigate between many screens and windows. Helps my a lot, adds value.