terminal multiplexer
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Tmux enables a number of terminals (or windows) to be accessed and controlled from a single terminal like screen. tmux runs as a server-client system. A server is created automatically when necessary and holds a number of sessions, each of which may have a number of windows linked to it. Any number of clients may connect to a session, or the server may be controlled by issuing commands with tmux. Communication takes place through a socket, by default placed in /tmp. Moreover tmux provides a consistent and well-documented command interface, with the same syntax whether used interactively, as a key binding, or from the shell. It offers a choice of vim or Emacs key layouts.
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abhishek 1 year ago

works well but i used apt to install.

lib2know 6 years ago

with tmux you can run persistant sessions on a remote terminal; if you have a big screen it can be very handy to split your terminal into panes. for example read man pages on the left, and try out the information on the commandline in the right pane.

Jano1505 7 years ago


Deozaan 7 years ago

First thing I install.

pmandic 7 years ago

Cant imagine my work without it any more!

irondrake 9 years ago

I have a tmux session on a server from my job... since 8 months ago and it still runs smoothly

torrid 9 years ago

Screen wasn't such a good name from the beginning.