Servlet and jsp engine
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Apache tomcat implements the java servlet and the javaserver pages (jsp) specifications from sun microsystems, and provides a "pure java" http web server environment for java code to run.

this package contains only the startup scripts for the system-wide daemon. no documentation or web applications are included here, please install the tomcat6-docs and tomcat6-examples packages if you want them. install the authbind package if you need to use tomcat on ports 1-1023. install tomcat6-user instead of this package if you don't want tomcat to start as a service.
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SirGalahad 10 years ago

I agree with the chash27

chash27 10 years ago

Best App Server for Servlet and JSP Deployment

desertviper00 10 years ago

Tomcat is so popular because most of the commercial vendors fill their app servers with bloatware