Speeding ship sailing through barrage
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Torus Trooper is a fast-paced abstract scrolling shooter game. It features 3D graphics and a style similar to that of games such as Tempest.

Torus Trooper is another gem among many by Kenta Cho.
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4ndy 5 years ago

Simple lightweight shmup with poor feedback, which could be modified into a libre F-Zero-like racer. I wish it had rebindable keys and some in-game explanation, but the man page is barely good enough. I was impressed by its replay function.

discolust 6 years ago

This is the game that first made me fall in love with Kenta Cho's work. Freaking brilliant :-)

dXTC 6 years ago

Looks and sounds great! Plays smooth in Mint 17, even on an old Atom-based netbook. Simple controls; uses arrow and Z keys in game and in menu. Worth the download.

peileppe 10 years ago

nice, fast, old school game - press Z to start!