Touchpad device configuration utility
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This package provides a program that can show or modify the configuration of various touchpad devices, including the synaptics touchpad and the alps glidepad/stickpointer.
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xdunlapx 9 years ago

Text-only (console) app. Doesn't have the option to disable touchpad, nor does it even know where to find mine. Uninstalling it now.

Trancos 9 years ago

Same issue as miana, unfortunately... Doesn't show up at all.

Pyrosopher 10 years ago

There is nothing wrong with this software, it just doesn't have a graphical front end - you need to use it from the terminal. Type "man tpconfig" or "tpconfig --h" in the terminal for instructions on how to use it.

miana 10 years ago

Doesn't show up at all after installation in Linux Mint 9 XFCE. I don't know where to find it, because there's no icon of it anywhere in the whole menu or desktop.I removed it immediately on the same day.Just like gsynaptics, gpointing device system, and kcm touchpad... another bad software.... urgh!