lightweight BitTorrent client (GTK+ interface)
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Transmission is a set of lightweight BitTorrent clients (in GUI, CLI and daemon form). All its incarnations feature a very simple, intuitive interface on top on an efficient, cross-platform back-end.

This package contains the GTK+ stand-alone client.
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torrentalot 1 year ago

For anonymous torrenting, use a vpn. What the other reviewers are saying is just a pack of lies. It does work perfectly fine. Remember to allow it in the firewall or turn firewall off, use port forwarding. I tick on port forwarding in pia vpn and type the port number into preferences-network in Transmission. Easy as that, it finds all the peers listed on piratebay and it downloads at good speeds and I have never had trouble connecting or staying connected with other peers and had it running continiously for days. Used it a lot, it's almost always up and running, downloading movies and series. If you don't use port forwarding then it has trouble finding peers and download speed can be as low as 1-2kb.

nintendo1889 2 years ago

Great. But for anonymous torrenting, use Tribler (it's available as a flatpak)

neglesaks 2 years ago

Good: It's very simple, easy to get started with and user friendly with superfluous advanced functions hidden away to avoid overcrowding its UI. Bad: It appears to have difficulty in consistently establishing connection to other torrent clients, especially if it's been running for a long time it has great trouble finding peers to connect to, thus I cannot recommend it for server usage. It is however fine for typical usage. Alternatives: Deluge.

atlant 2 years ago

Хорошый Торрент-клиент.

WilliamDJ 3 years ago

Muito lento! Mas pelo menos está funcionando no Mint 20.

madmax95 3 years ago

Great! Fast, simple and efficient!!!

Give_Trees_A_Chance 4 years ago

Transmission often has a lot of serious issues e.g. version 2.9.2 which is banned on almost all trackers. The code should be checked more thoroughly and it should not come pre-installed with Mint or any other Linux OS.

cedko 4 years ago

It works... :)

bucky927 4 years ago

Great, simple torrent program. Very easy to use!

Philipp 5 years ago

Good Funcion

salmich 5 years ago

Automatic computer shutdown after torrent(s) is(are) downloaded - missing function!

Wolfcubby 6 years ago

Love it !

V_V_V 6 years ago

My favourite torrent client

Knezev87 6 years ago

sviđa mi se

Wulfmagio 6 years ago

Simple et efficace !

sbroccolo 6 years ago

Tried a few others but alway come back to this one.

imperator 6 years ago


Vasilis_K 6 years ago

Simply the lightest, simplest and best torrent client!

michaelrp2 6 years ago

Muito bom.

aanand_ub 6 years ago

slow pickup