Front-end for viewing of remote desktops in gnome
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Tsclient is a gnome program for remotely accessing microsoft windows nt/2000 terminal services and xp remote desktop sharing as implemented by the remote desktop protocol (rdp). using the rdesktop program as a backend, tsclient allows users to access and view their desktops as stored on remote windows nt/2000/xp servers.

some of tsclient's features include:
* a gnome panel applet to quickly launch saved rdp files
* support for rdpv5 and rdesktop-1.3 arguments
* reading .rdp files in the ms unicode format
* writing .rdp files in ascii (for compatibility with the ms client)
* a "rdp picker" which lists .rdp files in ~/.tsclient/ and launches
rdesktop from the rdp file when selected
tsclient also supports:
* vnc clients (*vncviewer)
* citrix ica client
* x via xnest
author: erick woods
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demonkoryu 11 years ago


daeme 12 years ago

OK, but I prefer Remmina

plewka 12 years ago

utra stable over years of ssh-teleworking, efficient in use BUT old code: no support for drive mapping Win7/2008, doesn't really work at Ubuntu 11.10 anymore - I checked remmina, viagree, gnome-rdp etc. and found no replacement which works on dual monitor configurations

mats 12 years ago

Liked it until I had problems with foreign keymaps. Now using gnome-rdp instead.

wanda 13 years ago

Wirt bei mir de-installiert genauso wie vinerage.

ceptor 13 years ago

sehr flexibler terminalserver-client funktioniert einwandfrei mit rdp, vnc und xdp

na5h 13 years ago

Works great! I have connected to both Windows and Linux desktops using this program!

joel 14 years ago

Exelente programa.

AndrewX192 14 years ago

Just like the Windows Remote Desktop client. This little program works great.