Linux libertine family of fonts (dummy package)
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The linux libertine fonts is a set of typefaces containing both a serif version ("linux libertine") and a sans serif ("linux biolinum") designed to be used together as an alternative for times/times new roman (and, in part, helvetica/arial).

the serif typeface comes in two shapes and two weights (that is, the usual regular, italic, bold, and bold italic), and an small capitals version of the regular typeface. linux biolinum, the sans serif typeface, is available in both regular and bold weights.

this package is created to ease transitions to the new package fonts-linuxlibertine and may safely be removed after upgrade.
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Uk6gm5b5PqDhtPhVu6Ds 6 years ago

I like this!

inkwina 6 years ago

Great Free Fonts! Use them evry day.

Anacarnil 7 years ago

Excellent set for a Linux user!

brozkeff 7 years ago

Libertine is a great font set, replacing Times perfectly.

atlanx 8 years ago

Gute Times New Roman Ersatzschrift