Lists audio and video streams from Shoutcast and Icecast
  8 reviews

A GUI based program for displaying Shoutcast or Icecast video and radio streams. It gives information about streams including bitrate, IP and current number of listeners. Streams can then be played using an appropriate media player, defined in preferences. Tunapie also allows streams to be recorded using streamripper. Recordings can be set to start and stop at specified times.
Latest reviews
KhanSingh 8 years ago

Broken and no way to configure it

fuzzyanalysis 9 years ago

Doesn't work, nothing obvious to make it work either.

Meshy112 10 years ago

too buggy

Germmare 12 years ago

too much faults....

WOLF67 13 years ago

really good

skeebo 13 years ago

So far this app is A+ if you like shoutcast / icecast streams (tv or radio) Like clem said you have to point to an external player, but I don't believe the UI is that bad, just very small fonts.

clem 13 years ago

Make sure to set the preferences (it doesn't play anything, it needs to point to an external player). Other than that and the poor interface, it makes it easy to find radios/tv stations. Cool app overall.

jjaythomas 13 years ago

Great little app to search for web radio then play in the background (I use a workspace to run things in background)