Detect and install additional ubuntu driver packages
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This package aggregates and abstracts ubuntu specific logic and knowledge about third-party driver packages. it provides:

- a python api for detecting driver packages for a particular piece of
hardware or the whole system.
- an "ubuntu-drivers" command line tool to list or install driver packages
(mostly for integration in installers).
- a packagekit plugin for whatprovides() for types modalias and
hardware_driver, to do the same queries as above through the packagekit api
(for using in non-distro specific guis). this works with aptdaemon's
packagekit compatibility layer (python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat) and with
packagekit's apt backend, but _not_ with the packagekit aptcc backend.
- some nvidia specific support code to find the most appropriate driver
version, as well as setting up the alternatives symlinks that the
proprietary nvidia and fglrx packages use.
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