Ubuntu one client
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Ubuntu one is a suite of on-line services. this package contains the synchronization daemon for the ubuntu one file sharing service.
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isomage 9 years ago

sadly, destined to die

ibDoug 9 years ago

This works far better than Dropbox. I am truly saddened that it is no longer supported. Drpobox and other cloud apps could take lessons from 'One'.

andri_ch 10 years ago

Like Verwijs69 said, install ubuntuone-control-panel-qt to have the app working, not this package!

rarog70 10 years ago

Работает стабильно и не тянет за собой пол интернета как DropBox

donvercety 10 years ago

Dosn't work on Mint 16 MATE 32bit, on the other hand - "Verwijs69" solution works perfectly.! Thanks.

Verwijs69 10 years ago

to Install Ubuntu One on Linux Mint xx run the following command as root: sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-control-panel ubuntuone-client-proxy ubuntuone-control-panel-qt this will show Ubuntu One within menu... source: http://www.itworld.com/software/360012/install-ubuntu-one-client-linux-mint-1 NOTE you don't have to add PPA mirror, Ubuntu One is available within Mint mirrors...

dajare 10 years ago

This review relates to full complement of U1 items [I'm on LM 13 Maya LTS/Xfce]. After exploring BEFORE install, I used Synaptic to install "ubuntuone-control-panel-qt", as that installed everything needed: NOTE : shouldn't there be an "ubuntu-one-suite" or the like to do this? Having installed, couldn't find it: so went to /usr/share/applications and edited the .desktop file: it needed to have "Network;" added to the "Categories" line to show up in the "Internet" set of menu items (where Dropbox is found). Then putting some files in the "Ubuntu One" folder would not sync automatically - first answer here got it going: http://j.mp/KQWvZ7 So! Some problems getting running, but now running and working as it ought. I'm puzzled that these kinks haven't been sorted out long ago, though. My experience is hardly unique!

AsimZ 10 years ago

Installed in Linux Mint KDE; does not show up. Intalled and reinstalled again but no help. HATES IT

HappyMint 10 years ago

I just installed this on Linux Mint, it doesn't show up anywhere. :(

cmaldon 10 years ago

Me gusta, hay que instalar un paquete extra para que funcione.. en mi caso "Ubuntu One Control Panel - Qt frontend"

dogsolitude_uk 10 years ago

Hmmm... Couldn't get ti workingn in Cinnamon on Mint 14. Yet more faff around on the command line, whereas Dropbox just installed effortlessly. I had to dig around on the internet for isntructions to get it working, which involved downloading the qt-based interface (!!!) and modifying the .desktop file in /usr/share/applications/ If Dropbox can get it right, why not Shuttleworth and co? This application is notable for the referee scheme, whereby if you sign up via a referee's link, you and the referee get an additional 500MB storage, free, and in perpetuity. for what it's worth, my referee link is as follows :) https://one.ubuntu.com/referrals/referee/262966/

justavojo 10 years ago

Mi volas skribi Ubuntu-Ŭono en Linuksminto. Sed mi ne skribas tion.

alaint 10 years ago

works, but I still prefer Dropbox or Ownclould

neupuceni 11 years ago


hakperest 11 years ago

Awesome tool. Harika. I suggest it absolutly.

Spino2006 11 years ago

Super Tool, mehr kann Ich dazu nicht sagen.

trevorbest 11 years ago

This is just the client, you need to install ububuntuone-control-panel-qt to see the front end

sirfalcon 11 years ago

Does not work in Mint. Does not show up after install.

ILMUX 11 years ago

I got U1 to work in Mint 14 Cinnamon ok, but there is problem with automatic keyring opening and lack of toolbar icon.

neutrino-san 11 years ago

Ubuntu One is very good, but this application doesn't work on Mint 14 Cinnamon. I prefer to use web version. And don't forget about referrals if you want to get 25GB storage. If you going to register, please use this link: https://one.ubuntu.com/referrals/referee/2142140/