Integrated bioinformatics toolkit
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Unipro UGENE is a cross-platform visual environment for DNA and protein sequence analysis. UGENE integrates the most important bioinformatics computational algorithms and provides an easy-to-use GUI for performing complex analysis of the genomic data. One of the main features of UGENE is a designer for custom bioinformatics workflows.
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LymeCenter 3 months ago

The software works quite well and does not crash with Linux mint 20.2. Some features seem missing. Would it be possible to update the version to 39?

Myroslav 2 years ago

The program gets installed (Linux Mint) but doesn't run...

joachim_jacob 9 years ago

Concise selection of all relevant bioinformatics sequence analysis tools. Good graphical interface.

Biakatcar 11 years ago

It's unperfect, but have many features in work