validating, recursive, caching DNS resolver
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Unbound is a recursive-only caching DNS server which can perform DNSSEC validation of results. It implements only a minimal amount of authoritative service to prevent leakage to the root nameservers: forward lookups for localhost, reverse for and ::1, and NXDOMAIN for zones served by AS112. Stub and forward zones are supported.

This package contains the unbound daemon.
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Menard 1 year ago

In fact it doesn't support Linux Mint, I have been with it 2 to 3 years believing it was my local DNS but in fact my DNS were those in the ISP box ... so the default installation process is total shit now since 2019 LM 19, and even the process described for ubuntu on the Unbound website has as result you lose your intenet connection ... so you must disable systemd-resolved to use it, find a tutorial for this

benediktneumayr 6 years ago

I'm using it on my Raspberry Pi for my local network and it works really great!!!