hides the mouse cursor in X after a period of inactivity
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Unclutter hides your X mouse cursor when you don't need it, to prevent it from getting in the way. You have only to move the mouse to restore the mouse cursor.

This is the original unclutter implementation from the 90s which works well with classic X11 programs. For a more modern implementation which works better with some more modern applications and UI libraries, see unclutter-xfixes.
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rgarand 4 years ago

Workds very well on Mint 19.3, X11 cinnamon. Use this command on app startup "unclutter -display :0.0 -idle 1", idle time can be longer but works good like that. Can even scroll without cursor in the way :)

MagicMint 9 years ago

Even if I like my Tux as a cursor, I prefer not to see him when I don’t need him :-)

blueXrider 12 years ago

quite nice