The Ur-Quan Masters - An inter-galactic adventure game
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You return to Earth with a vessel built from technology discovered from an ancient race called the Precursors only to find it enslaved. Gather allies from a wide variety of races, engage in space combat with various foes, and save the galaxy from the Ur-Quan!

The Ur-Quan Masters is derived from the classic game Star Control II. It includes both the adventure game described above and a fast-paced Super Melee.

See the README.Debian once you have installed this package for information about where to get the uqm-music and uqm-voice packages.
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alexrsj 2 years ago

Sigue en la version 0.6.2 en Linux Mint 20.2, cuando la versión mas actual en la web del proyecto es la 0.8 :(

4ndy 7 years ago

Fantastic fun! May have inspired some of Mass Effect.

LinuxFan5 8 years ago

LOL, ich hab keien Ahnung wie oder was.

Incandescent 8 years ago

Fantasic classic Sci-fi adventure at it's finest! An engrossing plot, varied creautres, fun combat, and excellent writing all combine to make this game highly recommended.

mototank 9 years ago


crmiller77 9 years ago

Excellent game even if a bit dated. This was the 1990 Sci-Fi Game of the Year at least the PC version. It takes a bit of time to get started as you don't have much to work with and you will spend a lot of time exploring the galaxy but once you have enough supplies the game flies along. Practice your Melee so you can beat the other ships and keep the Ur-Quan from controlling the galaxy.

Johnper 10 years ago

Muito bom pra quem gosta duma estratégia das antigas.

rr_azul 10 years ago

strategy+action+adventure :) superb game... remake of an old one but better :)

StriderDSO 10 years ago

One of the greatest space RPG/Adventure games ever made. Many improvments over the original version. Amazing story, difficult campaign, and Hyper-Melee is a fun 1v1 side-game.

Tapuzi 12 years ago

I love this game