Versatile Commodore Emulator
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VICE emulates well the hardware of the Commodore Business Machines of the pre-Amiga era. Supported are the various Pets, the VIC-20, the Commodore 64, the Commodore 128, the CBM-II series, and the PLUS/4.

Some alternate keywords for the above: VIC20, C64, C=64, C64 DTV, C128, C=128, CBM-500, CBM-600, CBM-700, PLUS4 .

This package does not contain the various ROM images needed to actually use the emulators; they are available separately from other locations (see the README.ROMs file). A corporation in the Netherlands called Tulip holds the copyrights to the ROM images, and redistribution is not permitted, but VICE itself is unencumbered.
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dongonzales 5 months ago

Works perfectly. All C64 software works. Of course it required to get the rom file to run properly.

lowlevel 8 months ago

This is probably the best 8-bit Commodore emulator around. Installing from software manager leave you a little in the dark as to what you have to do as far as installing the roms required, so perhaps that's why the negative reviews. In anycase, you want to find the installation (/usr/lib/vice probably) and in there are folders for each of the machines. You'll want to put files called 'chargen', 'kernal' and 'basic' in the C64 folder before x64 will run. Similar for rest of them, but that should get you started. Good luck!!

doug1267 2 years ago

Build and Install VICE 3.5 for Linux Mint (Mate 20.1 Ulyssa) Download Vice 3.5 Tarball (vice-3.5.tar.gz) from: Extract the source to a directory you have full read/write permissions. Read and follow this file located in the distribution. .../vice-3.5/doc/building/Linux-GTK3-Howto.txt After you have run the 'sudo make install' listed in the instructions, you will have as below. /usr/local/bin/ contains the emulator executables. (ie. x64sc etc) /usr/local/share/vice/ contains everything else.

kybagul 2 years ago

Not work in Linux Mint 20

Edzed 3 years ago

I am using Mint 16.2 and it won't even attempt tp run.....seems it may need an upgrade

cb2019 3 years ago

Need to download the ROM images from the source code and copy over, but once you do ... so many memories C64

bananadude 3 years ago

No worky-worky. Tried each one individually, nothing at all. Not a window, not a busy cursor, nothing. (Don't actually know if busy cursors exist in Linux Mint.)

Borito 3 years ago

Doesn't work

alanv73 4 years ago

Works great. ROMs not included. Avail. from source tarball on sourceforge.

PlanetX 5 years ago

Don't work :( ...Sylvia 64bit

feroliver 5 years ago

There is a bug in the instalation:

hakocan 6 years ago

I click icon but it dont appear

GeorgeCaldwell 6 years ago

It does not start and run. I have a fresh install of Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64, And this Emulator does not run. So I give bad review.

the_joker 7 years ago

best c64 emulator

zorigkv 8 years ago

Don't work

mrDBUG 8 years ago

Works fine, just needs roms for C64 etc, get them from Windows release and stick them in appropriate folder in home-folder!

Chelmers 8 years ago

Doesn't work

tespit 8 years ago

cannot read roms properly.. shuts down with error code

geoffm 9 years ago

doesn't work

Audragon 9 years ago

It is the best ever, at least until 2.4 arrives on linux!