Game about viruses invading your computer
  6 reviews

Your computer has been invaded! Dozens of little viruses are pouring in via security holes in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft MSN Messenger and Microsoft Recycle Bin! Using your trusty mouse you must shoot the buggers before they can destroy your files! Some will steal them from their home directories and take them back to their security hole. Others will just eat them right there on the spot! See how long you and your computer can survive the onslaught!
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heryjumansyah 5 years ago

its already removed from official website or not avaliable now

November_Rain 6 years ago

crashed all times at start screen

Ali_RNT 9 years ago

It really interested me, but after playing it for sometime, it doesn`t have enough fun for you to enjoy...

linuxruinedmylife 10 years ago

Crashes at the start screen. Sorry, have to give it a 1/5.

QreAtop_R3BaCk 10 years ago

i help them to kill you, ms windows=)

numn 12 years ago

Cute and sweet game! Love it for playing in breaks... you'll never beat my record ;P