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Vym is a mind mapping program. It is useful to organize thoughts and do structure work. In addition to that it has a lot of helpful shortcuts.

A mindmap is a multicolored and image centered radial diagram that represents semantic or other connections between portions of learned material. For example, it can graphically illustrate the structure of a thesis outline, a project plan, or the government institutions in a state. Mindmaps have many applications in personal, family, educational, and business situations. Possibilities include note-taking, brainstorming, summarizing, revising and general clarifying of thoughts.
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739g34 1 year ago

Now updated with alien, before using one from repo - same problem. It's easy to build a mindmap, but it ogt only bad export options. By Exporting to png or pdf i got bad quality (2nd +3rd grade subbranches weren't sharp), so i can't use the mindmaps for any documents. For me it was wasted time trying this one....

DahqturRevelator 1 year ago

I've now forgotten why I kept this program over the other mindmappers out there, but when I actually need it for work, I'm finding more and more frustrating to get it work right consistently. My windows machine has the latest version, but I'm unable to get the latest version of vym to work on mint 20.1 using alien to convert (gives me "missing whatever" file) -- so I used the older one from the repository. At first I only got a warning about the maps being created with the later version may not work right, but they did. Now the problem I'm having is when I want to use my linux laptop to open ANY of .vym files, they are reading as 'archives' and VYM won't open them. Screw this program and screw the guy's website that looks like it was created by a water-headed highschool student in the 80s.

rahul 2 years ago

Very outdated package. The author has .rpm files for download. Use 'alien' to convert them to .deb & install.

kokbira 3 years ago

-2 points because it does not use an open format

mantunes 3 years ago

Very useful and good looking

jjwi 4 years ago

Excellent mind-mapping tool! Offers the same functionality as commercially available mind mapping tools. Many thanks to the author.

MintBrane 4 years ago

I rely on this to document complicated processes on numerous web sites. It's clear, easy and perfect.

teddy99 5 years ago

It's best appliaction to mindmapping on linux

roamaro 5 years ago

Ótimo aplicativo! Sempre ajuda nas atividades docentes na UFRPE!

3dBloke 7 years ago

This is all that's needed to organise my chaotic thoughts. Great stuff!

DannPM 8 years ago

This is GREAT. Thanks for making it free.

Qruqs 10 years ago

Note Editor is strange, but overall a good tool.

Perspective 10 years ago

Très pratique, pour classer plein de petites idées volantes. A essayer vraiment.

amanhardikar 11 years ago

good tool. import and export modules are quite useful. html export is better than most others.

romanybob 11 years ago

Very good mind mapping tool.

angelhjose 11 years ago

useful tool