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Unofficial whatsapp web desktop client for OSX, Linux and Windows. Build with Electron.
56 reviews

User reviews:

1 week ago
1 El programa es una mierda. Funcionaba, por una sola vez, añadiendo el código como alguien mostró más arriba. Después, nunca más. Una lástima.

3 weeks ago
3 It's good to know that there is a solution. For now I'll just run WhatsApp from Opera, it comes preinstalled, and it does work.

3 weeks ago
4 Here's the new working sollution Basically you have to enter dev tools and from the 3 dot menu, you have to uncheck the select automatically for browser version and set one. FF Win works. CTRL+R to reload and you can close dev tools.

1 month ago
4 read this tutorial and this app will work:

1 month ago
4 the app still works, you just have to modify the main.js file

1 month ago
2 Unfortunately, everytime I tried to run the app it tells me to update googlechrome! After updating Googlechrome the same message comes again from the app. So, fellows do sth, please!

1 month ago
3 WhatsApp never convinced me as a good instant messenger, specially when using video calls or audio calls. This program made WhatsApp useful for me and now, because of WhatsApp owners, WhatsApp became useless for me, reason why I closed my WhatsApp account.

2 months ago
1 It doesn't work anymore ...Should be removed

2 months ago

2 months ago
1 As many users are pointing out, this software doesn't work anymore. On my system is says "WhatsApp works with Google Chrome 36+" but I already have the latest Chrome installed. It also doesn't offer an uninstall option.

3 months ago
1 Funcionava bem, mas parece que foi abandonado, fica pedindo para atualizar o google chrome

3 months ago
1 Worked fine before, hasn't worked for weeks now.

3 months ago
1 Doesn't work, even when Google Chrome is installed. Workaround: Open in browser and pair with phone.

3 months ago
2 O projeto foi descontinuado, uma pena.

3 months ago
1 Was great while it worked. Now it is not working anymore, asking for a browser update.

3 months ago
1 O projeto foi abandonado!!!

3 months ago
3 Please Update This Software, showing message "Please Update Google Chrome"

3 months ago
5 It works, but with manual adjustments. Why not to continue development?

3 months ago
5 was a great app!, unfortunately, stopped now due to evil corporate... so annoying. but jpmunix got it a fix! see below its back again, hurray!! thank you jpmunix !!

4 months ago
5 Quote from the github page: "Due to the copyright DMCA that WhatsApp/Facebook is sending to all projects that are using "Whatsapp" in their names, and the lack of time to counteract any changes that WhatsApp team is doing in order to make the development of this project hard, I'm abandoning this project. You can find the latest code in the history (the commit before this), at least until Facebook asks for the removal. I strongly suggest to switch to another IM client..." Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish :)

4 months ago
3 il progetto non funziona piu per via del copyright scritto pure sul forum dello sviluppatore.

4 months ago
5 jpmunix Thank you, all the best to you!

4 months ago
1 Doesn't work without Chrome. "WhatsApp works with Google Chrome 36+ To use WhatsApp, update Chrome or use Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Opera." Funktioniert nicht ohne den allerneusten Chrome - Von daher nutzlose Software

4 months ago
3 The app was great, but it doesn't work anymore, just asking to upgrade browser...

4 months ago
1 Wont work anymore. Ask for browser update, but browser is already updated. Project close, no fix anymore! Não funciona mais. Pede para atualizar o chrome, mas ele já está atualizado. O projeto foi encerrado, não haverá mais correções.

4 months ago
3 Project closed - from github. Thank you jpmunix, it's worked. :)

4 months ago
1 Whatsapp-Desktop has died.

4 months ago
4 To get it working again we must go to "/opt/whatsapp-desktop/resources/app" and edit the file "main.js" as root and look for the line that says whatsApp.window.loadURL(''); Just above this line we add this other whatsApp.window.webContents.setUserAgent("Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.98 Safari/537.36"); And we save the file Then we go to "/home/myuser/.config/whatsapp-desktop/Service Worker" directory and empty it completely. Close Wathsapp application if we have it open and open a super user console and execute the command "chmod -w /home/myuser/.config/whatsapp-desktop/Service Worker/ -R" with the application closed and the directory empty. Start Whatsapp desktop and pair again. I hope it serves you. Sorry for my English. I use a translator

4 months ago
3 Update: I did what jpmunix suggested and it worked. Nerverthelesse, I have decided not to use it because of what Jayotea mentioned. I want take no risk. Back to Telegram and perhaps WhatsApp web interface. Same problem here. As of hours ago, whatsapp insists that I have to update Google Chrome (which has always been up to date). No matter what I do, it comes back to this same screen and request. It looks like a hairy bug. (By the way, I don't like WhatsApp averall. I do prefer Telegram. But it was working good considering its inherent defficiencies).

4 months ago
2 Id did work fine indeed, but with the new issue to update the browser reported previously I looked into this a bit more, and apparently the author has closed development of the app in APril this year so there won't be an update to this fix and I consider this app dead for the time being. Moreover reports that the former website now redirects to a scam site. I assume it meant this app but not sure. I'll use the web interface now.

4 months ago
4 Really enjoyed the app until today it started asking for a Google Chrome update. My browsers are all up to date. Hopefully the maintainers can fix the problem promptly

4 months ago
3 The app itself is working very nice! When it is working ;) Since yesterday I get an update your browser screen. Before it worked fine but not in my main user account, only under my girlfriends user. I guess some smaller fixes have to be done in the package.

4 months ago
3 It was working fine, but now the program requires an Google Chrome Update. Only the members of the project can save it I guess. Maybe I will wait...

4 months ago
4 4 star but since today it asks for a browser update...

4 months ago
1 This application no longer works. It keeps asking for a browser update. I even went further and installed Chrome just because of it, to no use. It no longer works.

4 months ago
1 It's not working at all. I don't know why it is asking for browser's update but my browser is already update.

4 months ago
5 It's Working Great On Cinnamon !

5 months ago
5 working well! Mint the best of the Linux

6 months ago
5 Sehr gutes Programm - funktioniert sehr gut.

7 months ago
5 Подключился и пользуйся! Всё работает!

10 months ago
4 I dislike WhatsApp itself, but this app is really good; it can even give me my phone info and it stays in the tray after closing it while using Mint's native notifications... It's actually much, much better than the real Windows app.

10 months ago
5 ideal para trabajar desde la laptop. esperemos que faccebook no lo baje por completo, el desarrollador publico estas noticias

11 months ago
5 Awesome application

11 months ago
4 Due to the copyright DMCA that WhatsApp/Facebook is sending to all projects that are using "Whatsapp" in their names, and the lack of time to counteract any changes that WhatsApp team is doing in order to make the development of this project hard, I'm abandoning this project. You can find the latest code in the history (the commit before this), at least until Facebook asks for the removal. I strongly suggest to switch to another IM client... I hope Somebody can fix this problem because I guess this application go to disappear!

1 year ago
5 Nota 1000

1 year ago
5 Maravilloso, funciona de maravilla, mis respetos al desarrollador.

1 year ago
5 Looks so good, usable

1 year ago
5 muito bom mesmo cadaveis melhor o sistema linuxmint

1 year ago
5 ok je, sviđa mi se :)

1 year ago
4 O aplicativo é bom, mas me incomoda eu não conseguir silenciá-lo. [The application is good, but it bothers me I can't silence it.]

1 year ago
5 Excelente aplicativo, apesar de não ser oficial, não deixa a desejar. Obrigado.

1 year ago
4 It's awesome to have it on desktop. The app works good, but it takes too much resources (ram).

1 year ago
5 This App just made Whatsapping a lot better from Desktop

1 year ago
5 Bravo, ottimo lavoro, grazie

1 year ago
5 thx... works like a charm

1 year ago
5 WhatsApp on the desktop.