Unofficial whatsapp web desktop client for OSX, Linux and Windows. Build with Electron.
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jdescobarj 3 days ago

Falta corregir que se repite la la primera letra de una oraciĆ³n. Por ejemplo: si se desea escribir "Hola mundo", como resultado obtienes "HHola mundo"

mgrot 1 week ago

I use the app a lot, but the 1st letter you type is repeated. If I type "Hello" it will show up as "HHello". This problem started occurring around July or August I believe. It was fine before that.

danost 2 weeks ago

Several alternative no 1st letter repeat: Whatsie has dictionaries, Whatsapp for Linux

amsilva3 2 weeks ago

I wanted some help to solve the problem of repeating the first character when typing. someone has?

glda19 3 weeks ago

thx verry nice

ZermattChris 3 weeks ago

Works great, but the double char when starting a new line bug is really getting kinda old... Please fix it whoever is in charge! Seems like such a simple bug?

somedudeonlinux 3 weeks ago

please fix the darn bug already pretty please

Hedgehog61 4 weeks ago

The double characters at the beginning of the message are very annoying. It looks like you can't write properly.

Marwa 1 month ago

it is working just fine, BUT I'm wondering how to open whatsapp links with this app ? Cause I'm getting popup "No Apps Available"

EnglishNRomania 1 month ago

Would give a 5 except for the double character when first typing.

ailton99 1 month ago

this repeating characters are much annoying

Ruhellio 2 months ago

Time for an update - this repeating characters are much annoying

eugenevdm 2 months ago

Unfortunately as @FreshMints is saying there is a double character bug. Also you can't do voice calls so it's somewhat limited. But because I rely on WhatsApp typing and voice notes a lot this is a life saver. Wish WhatsApp could give us Linux folks more consideration. Now was away from desktop computer for 2 months and it's not working at all anymore.

FreshMints 2 months ago

i'm having this double character bug since MONTHS now.

David8879 2 months ago

i installed whatsdesk snap..it works good, but loading time too much...too heavy and slow in working..so i had to unistall... Whatsapp works very nice, fast and smooth..except of buggy first alphabet 2 letters...Well, users have been complaining about this bug for 3 weeks now...how much time does it take to fix this small bug issue..

bigboss7117 2 months ago

I like the app but the trouble of the double character in all messages which I send, is really annoying. Hope this trouble will be fixed in a future, but meanwhile, I installed the WhatsDesk snap, and works great.

Lakshman 2 months ago

good but a few glitches... 1. when I type in the message window the first character typed is always duplicated. 2. Darkmode doesn't work properly.

fggomes 2 months ago

Also have the double first letters, please fix it, I love the app!!!

khalid_naseer 3 months ago

For double first letters, i always use a space before writing any thing by pressing the space bar.

victordev 3 months ago

First character repeat twice on single click is quit annoying. would be amazing if you can get that fixed.