Unofficial whatsapp web desktop client for OSX, Linux and Windows. Build with Electron.
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darkcloud 4 days ago

Works great for me! Funciona muito bem para mim!

super81 6 days ago

Mr. Give_Trees_A_Chance : this is the best degined software and better than Windows Native and Microsoft Store Whatsapp. It gives you the minimize to tray functionality. Web whatsapp does not provide the same. I think you should appreciate it. I have never encountered any issues using this.

anashkindv 2 weeks ago

Хорошая программа для использования whatsapp на компьютере, пользуюсь по работе каждый день. Не устраивает только то, что просит подключение whatsapp к интернету на мобильном устройстве, но это не вина разработчиков данного софта, а програмно заданная функция создателей whatsapp. Спасибо большое создателям!

Alexopro 1 month ago

Да этим можно пользоваться неплохой порт, но со временем использования начинает жрать 1 gb озу. По моему это очень много для этого по. Если оптимизируют то думаю поставлю назад.

unix_based_system 2 months ago

Works fine, BUT... Electron should NOT be used for anything. Electron is an abomination and the ultimate state of software inefficiency.

Hoerli 2 months ago

Der Zuckerberg bekommt meine Daten nicht! Threema / Signal / Telegram > WhatsApp aka WhatSpy

Anton0505 2 months ago

Прекрасно работает!

rajasekhar 2 months ago

notfications are now displayed

Lionel_Bou 3 months ago

Very useful, and I like the Icon on the desktop bar.

alexarroyo 3 months ago

Al principio funcionaba bien, desde hace poco se queda colgado.

Give_Trees_A_Chance 4 months ago

Pointless. It's literally just a wrapper for web.whatsapp.com I'd rather just use a browser than install unnecessary software. Should be removed.

sadi 7 months ago

It just works. There are very few minor issues though. For example: 1) When you right click and save a image it looks like nothing has happened, but actually the image has already been saved to your Downloads folder. 2) Sometimes you get a startup message that you need to update to Chrome version X, but it will go away eventually if you restart the app.

nemlabanc 7 months ago

Meglepően jól működik! Könnyebb így üzeneteket gépelni és a fájlok elküldése is egyszerűbb egy számítógépről. Kár, hogy Magyarországon még alig használják a Whatsapp-et telefonon, mindenki inkább a Viber-t erőlteti...

Nyarlathotep 9 months ago

Works immediately and well with LM 18.3 Sylvia. Looks and works the very same as the Whatsapp app on Android. Very useful for adding photos from computer without having to move to phone or use link sharing. GUI could use a bit of work, but functionality is the most impoartant, and the Developer should be credited with the work done so far.

stackedbeer 9 months ago

Gets the job done. But the dark mode and the user experience in general needs a major rework.

Akaniel 10 months ago

Funciona bem, apenas instalei e rodou. Mint 19.2

amaser1 10 months ago

Works perfectly with Mint Tara and my Honor 10. No issues :) thanks

Nelson 1 year ago

There's no senso for this application. It's just a browser. A Chrome browser. Don't waste your time installing this.

andryxx 1 year ago

doesnt work for me, it demands for install some special browser, despite the fact that I have the latest Google Chrome & Opera.

basilky 1 year ago

There is alternative app called Whatsdesk available. Which works perfectly.