Wired and wireless network manager - GTK+ client
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Wicd is a general-purpose network configuration server which aims to provide a simple but flexible interface for connecting to networks. Its features include:
* wide variety of settings;
* ability to connect to (and maintain profiles for) both wired and
wireless networks;
* support for many encryption schemes, including WEP, WPA, WPA2 and
custom schemes;
* wireless-tools compatibility.
This package provides the GTK+ client, which has no GNOME dependencies, making it easy to use in Xfce, Fluxbox, Openbox, Enlightenment, ... It also supports a tray icon showing network activity and signal strength.
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Jeroenst 1 year ago

It did not work on linux mint 19.3 and even worse, it broke wifi resume after sleep. reinstalling wpasupplicant (apt reinstall wpasupplicant) resolved this issue because wicd-daemon was still installed althougd wicd-gtk was allready uninstalled. Took me a few hours to resolve. Should be removed from repo until fixed.

Zakhil 2 years ago

Doesnt connect automatically even if checked, bad password issues all the time, takes ages to actually connect, locks all network devices so others managers cant detect it.

iosonoscrive 5 years ago

Very good Very good

harrygrey 5 years ago

Leider lassen sich einmal eingestellte Werte nicht abspeichern.Ich habe den Eindruck, daß das Programm eigentlich gar nichts bewirkt.

topper 6 years ago

Es mucho mejor que el Network Manager

giuliannobessa 7 years ago

para ubuntu e o melhor

schmoove 7 years ago

mint 16 x64 mate: mints built in network manager is poor with custom dns. this one is better. recommended!

drandrewhayes 7 years ago

How to fix D-BUS issue: comment out entire Try-Except block starting at line 1700 of /usr/share/wicd/daemon/wicd-daemon.py

satu72 8 years ago

its not working

valters 8 years ago


atomicben 9 years ago

It's ok. Cannot control more than one device at a time. That's a major drawback.

kiro 9 years ago

Kept running into the "Bad Password" bug that's been plaguing this app since Lucid came out

210L 9 years ago

works great

shabgard 9 years ago

Awesome!! It's my first app to install in every distro i use !