Window Maker moon phase dockapp
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WmMoonClock displays a small pixmap of the current phase of the moon. You have to enter your latitude and longitude for it to work correctly. wmMoonClock is designed to work with the Window Maker dock, but will work with other window managers as well.
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mydriasis 2 years ago

Neat application! I like it, and I added it to my main panel. I do wish it had its own cute moon icon though. Definitely good for signing off on slack at the end of the day with the proper moon phase emoji!

4winds 10 years ago

Doesn't pop up automatically or show up in menu apps. Start it from "menu" & "run program" - type in "wmmoonclock". An image of present phase appears; right clicking steps u thru additional data until u return to picture. Apparently. it locks in on your current lat / long. Nothing fancy, but it works!

Holycow 12 years ago

Can't say whether or not I like this as did the install, got message saying all changes successfully made but....where is it?? I see nothing in programs, files, downloads! am I missing something