share files through HTTP protocol
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Woof (Web Offer One File) is a tool to copy files among hosts. It can serve a specified file on HTTP, just for a given number of times, and then exits.

It can be easily used to share files across the computers on a net, enough the other ends have just a browser (that means you can share things between different operating systems or different devices, even phones).

Features include:
* it can share stuff "one shot" and exit just after he served that file.
* it can share things among different operating system or different devices
(e.g.: a smartphone), and allows one to upload files easily.
* it can also show a simple html form in order to upload file (useful if the
client hasn't a way to serve the file).
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warkd 6 years ago

Perfect for those times when you need to share a file but don't want to set up shares, like at a conference. Recommend that you get Woof from the source site since this version is outdated and has some issues with Python 2.7