Simple personal finance
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WxBanker allows you to easily keep track of balances in accounts. Use wxBanker to add, edit, and remove transactions and accounts, make transfers, search transactions, and view a graph of balances over time. An integrated calculator also makes calculations quick and easy.
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evgen_kvasha 9 years ago

Такий простий, що аж не зручний))

giuseppecogoni 9 years ago

Easy to use and helpful for daily financial managements

acsource 9 years ago

I'm using it and liking it's ease of use, although putting uncleared transactions one year in the future really helps so that today's balance agrees with the bank's balance. The single click charting is great, and I'm looking forward to future releases.

rexc 11 years ago

I was looking for a tool to help keep track of one or two bank accounts, something smarter than a spreadsheet. This is perfect for it. The current version supports recurring transactions. Give it a go.